The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 24, 2011

Pretty Flower Bench

We were in Fremont the other day for Midland Universities commencement ceremony (as you know, Joe's dad is retiring after 43 years and was leading the faculty across campus for the final time).  We were also in town for cousin Mason's B-Day party.  As I was winding through the round-a-bout near St. Pats, I couldn't help but do a "double-take".  This shiny, colorful, over-sized flower bench caught my eye.  
I circled back around, parked the car...woke up a sleeping baby...grabbed the camera...and forced her to pose for a quick pic.  
Macy was not exactly thrilled to be awoken from her peaceful slumber for this.  But seriously, how could I NOT right?  :-)  Just another one of my fine "mother-of-the-year" moments right here!
So, yes, I think you will agree that this beautiful custom designed bench is amazing.  However, please pay no attention to the disgruntled and non-cooperative toddler sitting upon it.
Here she says "okay, fine.  Tell you what.  I'll stand.  but DON'T expect me to look at the camera, let alone smile for you.  This impromptu photo-shoot was not approved by my agent".
Yikes, what a little Diva we have on our hands!
I just learned that there are 20 or so of these custom-locally designed benches being placed throughout the city of Fremont.  An initiative of a local group of artists whose mission is to basically beautify the city and encourage people to enjoy and appreciate the fine art around town in and near local parks.  Find more about them here (OWH article) & here (fan their facebook page).  :-)
Very cool!  I think me and the girls will be making a return visit to near-by Fremont very soon just to check out the rest of these pieces of art.  Can't wait!  I think McKenzie will have an especially good time using her map and "hunting" them down.  
Just like her good friends Dora, Boots & Diego  :-)

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