The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 1, 2011

Grandpa Harnisch's Retirement celebration

Jerry has been molding young collegiate minds at Midland University (MLC) for 44 years.  That is an incredible amount of time to be loyal to one institution!  This speaks volumes to both his character and level of dedication.  This, also, is a reflection upon the integrity of Midland.
A celebration dinner was held at the Golf Club honoring Jerry as well as six other long time professors who will be retiring at the end of this academic year.
 This is the front label of the special wine bottle I made for him.  
Does he look like the poster-boy for MU or what??  :-)
 Jerry & Lynette with all their kids (all of whom are Midland grads)
 now with the spouses (me & Shelly are also Midland alums)
 Grandpa Harnisch with his lovely bride.
 Joe and his twin brother Ja.
It's always funny to hear stories of the very young Harnisch twins performing various jobs on campus, like running back-up tapes for IT dept, etc.
 We (at least I) don't get dressed up everyday.  Might as well pose for a quick pic.  :-)
The pic below shows all professors who were honored and will be retiring this Spring:
Patricia Trautimas:  Professor of English (42  yrs) 
Gerald Harnisch: Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science (44 yrs)
Alcyone Scott:  Professor of English and Humanities (45 yrs)  founded the infamous Odyssey program!
Jim Tremain:  Professor of Psychology (37 yrs)
Robert Therian:  Professor of Art (38 yrs)
Rich McGill:  Head Men's Basketball Coach & prof. of Human Performance (30 yrs)
Doug Hartman:  Professor of Mathematics (28 yrs)

Midland will certainly not be the same without these fine teachers walking it's campus or leading discussions in classrooms and lecture halls.  It was touching to listen to them speak and share their journey's.  It was also very cool to hear the story's from various Midland Alumni, as they shared how each professor has impacted their lives and have left an everlasting impression in their hearts and in their minds.
While at Midland, Jerry was not just the teacher of various Math & Computer Science courses, he was also involved in the athletic program and has been the faculty representative for the NAIA and has served as the official score-keeper at many basketball games.  "He believes in the lessons students can learn both on & off the court and has supported that mission by serving as the faculty liaison."  He was recently inducted into the Midland Athletic Hall of Fame!
Another role he plays on campus is that of "Faculty Marshall".  It is his duty to line the faculty up for graduation, opening commencement and other special ceremonies on campus.  "He takes pride in giving the marching orders.  His previous military experience in the United States Navy has helped prepare him for this task".  :)
In 2010 the "Harnisch Family" was recognized as the Midland Family of Distinction.
I'm afraid MU won't be able to get rid of Jerry that easily, even though he will be officially retired next month, he will still be teaching some courses as an adjunct professor (for as long as they need him, he desires to, or they will have him, I suppose).
In his retirement, along with still teaching some classes, Jerry says he plans to travel and share more time with his grandchildren...
Ashlynn, Autumn, Mason, McKenzie, Sam, Macy, Harrison, Neeley & Grady will have NOOO problem holding him to THIS promise  :-)
 Congratulation's Grandpa Harnisch - we are all very proud of YOU!

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