The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 19, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Yes, it's true.  
Even our "" Little Miss Macy has Bad Hair Days.
In fact, it happens quite often!
Yesterday, however, it was so bad, photos HAD to be taken  :-)
 I threw a bow on her head in a desperate effort to tame the mane.  But to no avail.
oh well.  The girl rocks it anyway  :-)
We embraced the look all day!
Here's a look from another angle so you can get the full effect.
 These Bunny ears were nearby...and I we had about 3 minutes before having to pick Kenzie up from pre-school (and head to Lincoln for cousin Harrison's little photo-shoot) what-the-heck?  Why not get a couple little bunny shots.
And only A COUPLE was all she'd allow.  She was DONE. D.U.N. DONE!
Perhaps we'll get more another day  :-)
We enjoyed a very nice low-key day with the Witt cousins.  Dylan, Danielle and Dalton are on Spring Break.  So glad they came to spend a lazy day with us!  I felt like I had no kids as they all play together super well.  McKenzie was in heaven.   Plus, Dani watched over, played with, rocked and fed Macy between her two regularly scheduled daily naps.  Perfect!
The girls and I are heading out bright and early tomorrow morning.  We are taking a little 3-hour
road-trip "vaca" with the Cooke's.  Going to a hotel / convention center that has a really fun indoor water-park.  Should be a fun couple days.  Guess I should probably get off the computer and pack huh?
Nah.  I think I'll just go to bed and throw some stuff in the car in the morning.  HA.

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  1. FAB pics of Harrison and Macy (and big brother, big sister). The hair is wild! Wish I were as cute when my hair looks like this!