The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 26, 2011

A BLESSED Easter Sunday with the Harnisches

After our own little Easter "Bunny" celebration in the was time for us to get cleaned up and into our Sunday's best.  Off to church we go to celebrate what this blessed holiday is really about.  Jesus has risen...HE HAS RISEN INDEED!  Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead.  Let us all sing praises of Hallelujah!
 Our family...Easter Sunday 2011
 Toby didn't think the family photo would be complete until he was in he took the liberty of plopping himself right onto Macy's lap.  As it should be  :-)
 He's not too pleased with this new development...but he obliges anyway. :-)
 After the church service we gathered at Tod & Jessica's for some family fellowship and food.
 All the kiddos stuffing their faces!  Too funny that four high chairs are now needed to accommodate this "Harnisch" clan  :-)
 While the women were inside feeding the hungry children...the big boys were outside manning the grill.
 Gayle & Grady
 Hi Cutie-pie!
 And here's the cutie-pie's twin sister Neeley posing with Kenzie.

 The Easter Bunny came hand hid the eggs while we were eating!!
 McKenzie and Sam were the first ones out the door.
"No time to pose mom"...she says as she spots her next egg.
 Autumn finds the GOLDEN EGG!
 Little Harrison checks out all those eggs around Macy and thinks about crawling over there to get them...but he wasn't quite sure about this scratchy green stuff he was sitting on  :-)
 Big sister so generously shared five of her fifty eggs with little sis.
 So, I can't you think Macy is excited to have Aunt Gayle back in town for Easter??
 I'd say so  :-)
 Back in the house, all the kids sort through their goodies.
 Hi Ash!
 Now it's time for Harrison to blow out the candles on his 1-year birthday cake!
 Macy and Aunt Shelly
 Jessica snapping a cute pic of Harrison.
 The "big kid krew" swingin' on the swings.
 Tod & Grandpa Harnisch
 Shelly with her lovely little ladies, Ash & Autumn.  This is just before our competitive and intense game of Dominoes.  (yes, it's true - we had to google & youtube the instructions - it's not as easy as it looks)
 First BONFIRE of the season!!
 diggin' in the dirt never gets old.
 Joe, Ja, Jerry, Tod & Gordy talking about life I'm sure.
 resting time for the big kids lasted a whopping 12 minutes!
 Now it was time to go outside and wrestle with Grandpa.
 I love this pic...Grandpa Harnisch watching the kids play while us big girls play Dominoes.
 She's got pretty good form...obviously gets her b-ball skills from her momma  :-)  This girls going to have to get a hoop of her own soon!
 Sorting and organizing her eggs one last time before having to go home.

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