The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 10, 2011

Fire Department Pancake Feed

I was born in a Small Town. And in my small town the whole community stands behind it's volunteer fire & rescue department. So when it's time for the annual pancake feed at the station, people come out in droves to show their support. Not only the residents of Waterloo, but those from surrounding towns come too.
My whole family has been involved in the department for as long as I can Dad, my sister, one Bro-in-law is the chief...the other B-in-Law's the Assistant Chief. :-) haha. How's that for small town?!
So it's kind of a family affair.

I'm clearly the odd-duck-out, all my sisters (and mom) married firemen. Oops, mines a CPA (part-part-time farmer), guess I didn't get the memo. :(
A huge thanks to the men and women everywhere who put their own lives on hold (and on the line) to serve and protect the citizen's of their respective communities. We all owe you a debt of gratitude!
Not only are the Pancakes scrumptious, but the kids have a ball climbing in, on and around the big trucks!
Cousin Erika even woke up early for Breakfast. That's asking a lot out of a college girl :)
Macy wasn't too thrilled about wearing the plastic hat. Bummer...cuz she looked adorable in it. ah well, there's always next year :-)
A crowd gathered 'round out back awaiting the arrival of Life Net.
Joe, Grandpa Lee, Grandma Lee, Kenzie, Erika, Macy & Heather.
Here it comes! Do ya see it Macy??
Cousin Dylan getting his camera ready :-)

literally holding the kids back with a stick...they all need to stay back until the 'copter has come to a complete stop.



Ally & McKenzie go in for a closer look :)
a little family pic, minus Kenzie.
Macy chats with the Life Net dude. She was ALLL smiles & giggles! This is a much better photo-op than the last time she posed with Life Net (see below)...remember back when she was 48 hours old? She was transported from Lakeside to Children's Hospital via Life Net (ground). here
WAAAY back then...seems like an eternity ago! :-)
Cousin Ally & Uncle Jim throwing Rocks.
The Witts!
The Cooke's!
Could Ally look any more like her momma here??! :-)
Fun day. Fun Day!
There's a new station in a new location down the street and across the tracks, but when I walk inside the building and smell that smell, all my childhood memories of "Firemen's Picnics & Banquets" come flooding back. I can still picture Jesse and Seth throwing the football around. All us kids climbing on the old jeep making those old-school manual wind-shield wipers go back & forth, back & forth. I remember the time Lisa got her hand stuck in the olden' days wash machine. Performing "lolli-pop girl" on stage for the picnic, water-barrel fights, being soo cool and able to ride up top on the fire hoses during the Waterloo Days parade...I could go on & on, but don't worry, I won't.
here's a video of Macy and Grandpa Lee watching the helicopter take off.
We are already eagerly anticipating next year's pancake can bet, we won't miss it! :-)

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