The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 4, 2010

Macy's ride in the ambulance

Wed. 12.30.09 PM
Wow, quite a bit has changed since lunchtime! This afternoon around 4pm the NICU doctor came in to give us an update on Macy's condition. He had detected a clicking sound while listening to her heart. He was certain, with high likelyhood that Macy had some sort of heart defect. He said that it was important to get an Echo Cardiograph immediately. Not to wait until our already scheduled appointment for a few days away. As you may or not know, 50% of babies born with Down Syndrome have some type if structural heart defect, so the risk is pretty high. In addition to concerns with her heart, the fact she was nearly 48 hours old and had still not had a bowel movement was starting to become more of a concern as well. So far, ultra sounds had not shown any type of obstruction, but we needed to transfer Macy to a medical facility that could perform the echo, get to the bottom of her "pooping issue" and even perform emergency surgery if necassary. The doctor felt that the need for immediate surgery was low, but due to the fact that there was even a slim possibility he made the decision to transfer to Children's Hospital.
Below is a photo of the Life Net team preparing Macy for her first (and hopefully last in her whole life) ambulance ride.

We arrived at Children's around 6pm. We got news quickly that with a little examining and manipulation they were able to get Macy to poop. Yay!!! This made us very happy! We could cross a few medical issues that the doctors had warned us about off the list!
I want to quote my sister Heather, here is her facebook status upon hearing this news: "and she POOPS! Praise the Lord...she will remain for observation and continued poopation"
Along with 40 other "comments" She followed with the comment of "BTW-
I'm the autonomy honesty aunt, sorry if my excitement was insulting. But as Great Grandma Witt would say "have you pooped lately"? Macy's answer would be YES!.
Heather, you crack me up!!! Of course, we were not offended, we expect nothing less than pure honest emotions. Very refreshing. :)
Within an hour or two the echo was performed. We were shocked when the results were delivered so quickly. She has a perfect, HEALTHY heart!!! Whew, if you could just imagine the huge sigh of relief! Again, as Heather would say, "praise the Lord"!!!
So that was a big UP - unfortunately this UP was quickly followed by a new DOWN. Due to Macy's low birth weight, it came as no real surprise that she would have low blood sugar. We went down this road with McKenzie, so we knew what to expect. Let the constant foot poking begin :(. They also had to insert an IV into her teeny little scalp. It took several tries in various areas of her body to that IV in, but they were finally able to make it work up there. Ouch, looks like it hurts, :( but they assured me that it doesn't!

I slept next to her bedside right there in the NICU & Joe slept out in the lobby. :-)

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Location:From Lakeside to Children's

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  1. 'Opeartion Poopation' was a success that night and early morning.