The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 8, 2010

Our "First Week"

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was soo happy and glad that all of our family and friends were and are as excited and happy about little Miss Macy as we were and are. Not many people being sorry or sad about Macy's diagnosis with Down Syndrome. We are NOT grieving anything, we are welcoming a precious baby girl into our lives! But looking back I suppose I was in sense grieving the "vision" I had in my mind. That "vision" most mom's-to-be have of delivering a beautiful, happy, HEALTHY baby girl and bringing her home from the hospital just a few short days after her birth. Sitting in our favorite chair in the living room with her mommy, daddy and big sister McKenzie, Toby always near by. Macy sleeping in her own room and her own crib, that McKenzie would say "Daddy built". Slipping easily back into our ordinary, comfortable, laid back Harnisch family lifestyle. Macy was, of course beautiful and happy, but we were still hoping and praying and waiting on the healthy part. And that was scary. After spending several days, still in the NICU with Macy, I told Joe that I was sad and kind of dissapointed that we had missed out on that "first week" I had envisioned. He was quick to respond "We haven't missed out, we'll still get that "first week" home with her, in time". I appreciated his positive optimistic response, but deep down I was still sad.
Now that we have been settled in the comfort of our home, I am soooo happy to say that Joe was RIGHT!!! The "first week" of having Macy home has been extremely special and we certainly do not feel as though there has been ANY missing out of anything. :-)

Below is the video of McKenzie coming home from Joy's house and seeing baby Macy at home in her own bed for the first time :-)
I apologize for the long length (a whole 4 minutes), but I could not bring myself to edit any of it down. As you will see McKenzie is just SOOOO excited she can not contain her emotions!


  1. This is simply priceless!!! Macy is one lucky little girl to have McKenzie as a big sis.

  2. Oh my gosh this is just the cutest thing ever! You are all so lucky to have such a great family and a precious new baby! =] You are an absolutely wonderful person Sherri and and I bet even a greater mom!

    Love, your cousin Becky

  3. I laughed and cried while watching this!! I love that McKenzie was just so excited that the only thing she could possible do was dance!! :) Little Macy is already in awe of her big sister! You have two beautiful little girls!! (I also can't get over how CALM Toby is during all of this!!)

  4. Adorable and she could hardly contain herself!!
    You will have so many pictures and video's to show them when they get older. You two are awesome parents. God Bless!!