The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 15, 2010

Goin' to Work

Macy got to meet Mommy's fellow Skarfaces today!! What an awesome reception...Beans made a P.A. announcement of our presence and there was quite a crowd up front within a matter of seconds! We didn't even leave the atrium :-) Thanks guys for making us feel so welcome!

This is Joleen, President of SKAR Advertising. She too has a child with special needs. Her son Jason is a Junior at Burke high school. I really look up to her and admire the strength and passion she has. She gave me a couple very special books of which I very much look forward to reading. Thanks Joleen.
Thanks for the sucker Greg! tehe

After our visit at SKAR, Macy and I joined the Media gals on a "media lunch" with our friends at KMTV. Thanks for treating us to Jaipur, mmmm yummy!! :-)
Since we were out & about & in the neighborhood...Aunt Keri made us swing by US Bank to say hi to her and her co-workers.
Look at how PROUD Macy's Aunt Keri is to show her off :-)
ah geez...gooo-gooo-gaga...get back to work ladies! haha :-)
next it was off to Boys Town to visit Grandma Lee!

Again, check out how proud Grandma Lee is to show off her newest grandbaby (#10 for her).
It was finally a pretty nice day (I think it was like way up in the 30's or something like that) a real heat-wave! So we ran a few errands around town.

Now that Miss Macy is back up to and beyond her birth weight (of 5lbs, 4oz), we do not necessarily have to feed her every 2 hours anymore, we are simply waiting for us to tell us she is hungry. That is about every 3 to 4 hours or so. I am thrilled by the fact that for the last 3 nights she has slept for 4 hour stretches (that's the minimum)...woo-hoo! Keep it up baby!!!! That makes for a happy, well-rested momma :-)
Also, last night marks the first time she slept in her crib in the nursery. She (and I) did very well with this arrangement.

Oh and this is not a story I am not exactly proud to tell, but I suppose it came as no real surprise. I was sitting on the living room floor no more than 2 feet away from the bassinet where baby Macy was sleeping. I was chatting with my neighbor Lynn on the phone. Big sister Kenzie was keeping a close eye on Macy and telling her a sweet story. All of the sudden, it was like "slow-motion", I see out of the corner of my eye, the bassinet (with big sister hanging on the side) slowly falling sideways. I threw the phone to the ground, screamed "MCKENZIE!!" and caught baby Macy. Like I said, I was just a foot or two away, so luckily I was right there. The eerie thing about it, was holding and assessing baby Macy, I was shaking terribly, she looked 100% un-phased and unaware of what just took place. She was wide awake and perfectly FINE! I am pretty sure I gave Lynn half a heart-attack, sorry about that. She understood though, Hannah was just 2 & 1/2 when they brought their twins Dylan & Lauren home. They too, I'm sure, had many close calls similar to this. In any case, needless to say, we do not EVER leave big sister alone for more than a second with Macy. She will learn sooner or later!
Also - about Dylan & Lauren. These two are turning 3 and have invited McKenzie to their birthday party this weekend. McKenzie's first "friend" party, she is SOOO excited!! :-) There's a first-time for everything!

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  1. Oh dear Lord. Remember the story I told you about Sophie and the head-lock with Vollen. Those crazy kids they just love their new babies TOO much I think!!! Those are some SCARY moments and totally remember shaking as well. I think my heart was going to beat out of my chest there was so much adreneline going. Good thing you were right there! : ) Busy week!!!