The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 4, 2010

Early morning thoughts

Tuesday 12.29.09 AM

Well, we were able to get a couple
hours of shut eye. I thought I was going to wake up and find all that had happened over the last 10 hours had all been a dream. Nope, it's all a reality - our new reality...I am not sure, and may never know why God chose Joe and I to take this sweet princess under our wing. In any case we have been put to task and are honored to have been entrusted to care for her. We will, and already do, love her unconditionally! There are so many unknowns, so many questions, but one thing we know for sure is that we have a lot of love to give. I think that our love, faith, hope & trust will take us far and help put us on our productive path to taking care of our family. We know we will have many new, unique challenges, but we are ready and are accepting of them. All we can do is our best. We very much look forward to our new life journey. Macy has already enriched our lives in so many ways and is introducing us to a new, fresh perspective on just about everything.
God has given us a child who has Down Syndrome, something we know nothing about. Many thoughts & feelings rush through my head, confusion, frustration, sadness, an overwhelming sensation, a little bit of fear, but the feeling that breaks through and trumps it all is pure and absolute happiness. The joy that baby Macy has already given is impossible to comprehend. Each and every time I look at her and cuddle with her (we have had to really focus on keeping her temps up, so we have had lots of quality "skin to skin" time) the fear and confusion turns more and more into faith, hope and confidence. Confidence that God is wrapping his loving arms not only around Macy & us, but around all of the wonderful medical professionals who are keeping her healthy and are already thinking proactively on behalf of Macy's well being. I have a strong trust and faith that these doctors and nurses are doing absolutely everything within their power to do what is best. I have to have this sense of trust, as I stated earlier, Down Syndrome is so foreign to both me and Joe. We have never been exposed to or have had any reason to give this condition too much of a thought. Without trust, of course we would have more reason to be afraid and overwhelmed. The docs & nurses are doing a great job at allowing us to simply take it one day/step at a time. Currently, we are focusing on typical, new baby issues, that all parents need to be concerned about. Which is comforting, at the moment.

I also can not help but be excited for her big sister McKenzie. We have always counted our blessings and thanked our lucky stars for her. She is such a Ray of sunshine and is such an amazing little girl. God could not have given us anything more delightful and perfect than her. I have a feeling that bringing Macy home is going have a pretty big impact on McKenzie, I envision her taking on the very protective & helpful big sister role. I am already thinking about McKenzie's best interest.

I am little worried, I want to be very careful as to not have Macy's special needs over-shadow McKenzie's average, but also VERY important as well, needs. She's 2&1/2 and deserves just as much love and attention as her beautiful, new baby sister!!! Please God continue to keep this concern top of mind for us. I want very much, for McKenzie's little world to continue to be as "normal" and unchanged as possible!!

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