The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 4, 2010

Those First Few moments

My heart is filled with emotions. So happy yet so sad at the same time. We are incredibly blessed to have our sweet angel, little miss Macy, in our lives. She is just precious and absolutely beautiful! She is a tiny little thing, but already a fighter. Despite her small stature, weighing in at 5lbs & 4 oz and being only 18&1/2 inches long, she has no issues (as of yet) relating to her size, low blood sugars, jaundice, etc...she is also taking to the breast very well, with a healthy appetite. What a champ!

The reason we are filled with a bit of sadness is due to the fact that within a few minutes of her birth the nurse practitioner and doctor brought to our attention a surprise diagnosis. Early observations indicated a high likelyhood that Down Syndrome was present. Immediate physical signs include: Her eyes slant slightly inward, ears set low, a busy tongue and a unique marking on her left hand. It took a couple minutes for my brain to process what she was saying. Despite this shocking news, our hearts were still on fire with joy and happiness at the birth of our baby girl (not to mention EASY birth - barely 2 pushes and she was out). At that moment all I could think about was that she was absolutely beautiful, and I could not have asked for anything more. Perfection! It was also extremely theraputic for me, I was able to feed within that first hour, she took to nursing very well! It is impossible to put into words exactly how intimate and special it was for us to have that skin to skin bond. Speechless.

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Location:Labor & delivery room @ Lakeside hospital

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