The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 4, 2010

We are coming home!!

1.4.10 What? We get to go home you say?!?!

These last few days have been a whirlwind...something that has been really special has been spending some alone, quiet quality time up here with my sisters. Joe has been up here with me non-stop, but after a while we felt it was important for McKenzie to be at her home, in her bed, with at least her mommy or daddy. It makes me feel a little less guilty. I have been able to spend some time hanging out with McKenzie each day. I wish they would allow kids up here in the NICU, but of course they don't.
Sooo, I recruited my sisters to sit up here and hang out with me & Macy. Of course, they were up for the task! Again, I feel incredibly blessed with our awesome family and friends. Of course the bond of sisters is something that is indescribeable and irreplaceable, thanks Mom & Dad for having 4 of us!!

*****Breaking News*****We just got some exciting news from the doc, WE GET TO BRING MACY HOME TODAY!!!
Whoo-hoo :)
Bye for now!

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  2. Jodeen sent me your blog page, hope you don't mind if I follow - you have 2 incredibly beautiful girls - your family will go far in life! Keep moving forward!