The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 7, 2010

No More Wallaby!

Big Sister McKenzie sure does love giving baby Macy lots of hugs & kisses :-)
sooo pretty!
Nothing more precious than a daddy taking a nap with his baby girl :-)
Mommy's Little Angel
We gave her a bath and since I had her all naked up in her room I decided to snap a few photos.

Check out that full belly...I LOVE it's little pear shape!

Thanks Lynn for the adorable little headband :-) Of course I had to play dress up for a minute!
You can't tell, but I swear she is having a great time! haha
Toby keeping a close I eye Macy

gotta love all the wrinkles!! Don't worry Macy, you'll grow into your skin soon enough.

Yesterday Macy had some neighbors come over and visit. It was so nice and thoughtful of them to not only bring gifts for her but for her big sister McKenzie too. How special that made Kenzie feel :-) Later that evening the Mallory's brought over a delicious Chili dinner, how appropriate with these arctic temps. Then, of course Anna and McKenzie could not quite part ways, so of course McKenzie HAD to go home with Aunt Keri & cousin Anna. Thanks guys!!! It was nice to not have to wrestle around with McKenzie this morning. She spent the day playing with all of her friends but was excited to come home and see her baby sister. Of course, she had to run over and give her a hug right away!

After a lazy morning, we ventured out into the frigid temps this afternoon to go see Macy's Pediatrician. Had a VERY good visit! Her heart still sounds real good, perfectly normal. No heart problems. She is gaining weight and is back up to a whopping 5lbs 2 oz's. Hopefully, she continues eating well and she will be back up to her birth weight very soon. I hope sooner than later, because this having to wake her up to eat every two hours is getting exhausting! Poor thing, all she really wants to do it sleep!! She continues to keep her temps up, which is good, we have been trying to keep her bundled and keep the house plenty warm, which can be difficult to do when it is -30 degrees outside! Her thyroid tests came back normal. Dr. Keller says she has fantastic muscle tone, I would have to agree, she squirms around a lot and has a good strong suck when she nurses. They took some blood from her heel to test her bilirubin...YAY...she dropped from the 16.1 down to 13.6. No more wallaby!!!! The home healthcare nurse will be by the house soon to pick it up. It will be soo nice to be able to cuddle with just HER now :-).

Below are a couple pics we took just before leaving for my Doc appt. last Monday morning.
Dr. Nabity sent us across the street to the Lakeside hospital due to pre-eclempsia...
Macy was born 12 hours later! :-)

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