The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 29, 2010

Eventful/uneventful week

This has been what I would describe an eventful/uneventful week. Eventful, in that we had a lot of visitors over to the house, and many neighbors brought over yummy meals. We also ventured out of the house to run a lot of errands this week. Went to the library, etc...
Uneventful, in that we had a few doc appointments and luckily there is really no "news" to report other than Macy is doing AWESOME!! We visited Dr. Sebastion Troia, a Pediatric ophthalmologist the other day. Due to the fact that it is likely that some children with Down Syndrome may have eye conditions ranging from Cataracts, Glaucoma to esotropia (crossed eyes), it was recommend that we visit the ophthalmologist to have her checked out. He dilated her little pupils, took a good long look in her eyes...and and wa-la...perfectly normal! We will take her back when she is 6 months old to ensure that they remain okay.
Next we visited her pediatrician for her 1 month "well-baby" visit. Again, no news. She is a perfectly healthy, fast growing little girl!! She is currently 19 inches long and is all the way up to 6 pounds 8 ounces. What a "porker"! j.k. But seriously, that is tremendous growth from our last visit just 2 weeks ago :-) I've gotta say, due to the fact that I am nursing her, this is awesome news, I feel very relieved and even a little proud! :-)
We continue to be sooo thankful each and every day for Macy's good health. As you can imagine, when we learned of her diagnosis with Down Syndrome, we were immediately worried and concerned about all of the possible health conditions that could and probably would arise. We, of course, took a step back and told ourselves to simply take it one day at a time. "It will all be okay". And so far "everything IS okay". I believe strongly, that God is looking down on us and hearing all of the powerful prayers on her behalf! Thanks BE to GOD! I understand that this is a life journey and their will be many ups and downs, but for the time being, we are extremely grateful for all the UPS we are experiencing!!!

Below are some photos from our visit to the Elkhorn Library earlier today...

We did a little bit of reading...
But mostly a lot of playing!
Silly Grandpa...I don't think you're supposed to play soccer in the library! But wait...if you're not allowed to, than WHY would they even have them there?? So I guess it's okay! :-)
"Hi Baby Macy" "You having fun baby Macy"?

We had so much fun at the library, we are definitely going to make a regular outing. Next time, we are going to visit Waterloo's library! We've got "Toddler Story time" and a character visit by Dr. Suess' "Maizey". We're looking forward to that next week :-)

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