The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 17, 2010

All dressed up!! :-)

The girls got all dressed up to go next door to Lauren & Dylan's 3rd Birthday Party.
It was a "Pirate & Princess" theme.
Even Macy dressed up as a princess! :-)
The kiddos having a great time at the party Party...mmm cupcakes!
Pin the tail on the Donkey :-)
I was having kind of a rough afternoon & evening on Friday, to top it off, McKenzie was driving me nutso. She was super clingy & whiny and would NOT leave me alone. Oh my goodness, I was going crazy. I called next door and Lynn let me borrow her very sweet daughter Hannah for a while. Hannah's in kindergarten and played very well with McKenzie, they colored, played in the ball-pit downstairs and played play-do. I was able to fold a couple loads of laundry without McKenzie toppling over my piles, plus I was able to nurse Macy withOUT Kenzie swinging on my leg! Thanks Hannah!
Just another reason Grandparents rock! My dad popped in on us early Friday and brought some Jimmy Johns. All he wanted in exchange was to cuddle with Macy...sounded like a fair trade to me! :-)
Jerry & Lynette wanted to come and hang out with the kiddos on Saturday. They thought it would be a good idea for me and Joe to get out and enjoy ourselves. We went to Red Lobster and had some yummy king crab legs and saw the movie Blind Side. VERY good movie, highly recommend it! It was sooo nice to get out and have a date with my husband :-)
Thanks Grandmas & Grandpas!!! :-)
Here are a few pics of the girls & Toby hanging out...

So far we are having a very nice Sunday afternoon. Had a nice morning at Church and now Macy and Joe and napping down stairs while McKenzie is napping upstairs. I have the whole quiet main level to myself :-) tehe.
McKenzie is in for a treat when she wakes up. She was invited to a sleepover at cousin Anna's house! Her best friend from daycare, Sarah, is going to spend the night as well! I am not sure what crazy Aunt Keri has gotten herself into, but it was 100% her idea, which makes it her problem. haha! Those girls are going to have a blast :-)
bye-bye for now...

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  1. Just reading what you go through makes me tired! Of course I did that too - but it seems like a million years ago! Now I just keep them from arguing over the shared I-Touch. Or attempt to keep them from arguing!