The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 9, 2010

Special visitors

We were very much looking forward to having Casie and Vernon over yesterday evening. Casie is a family friend - her dad Russ is best friends with my uncle Ken). They have a little girl named Sophie who is McKenzie's age and an 8 month old named Vollen, who like Macy, was born with Down Syndrome. Casie reached out to us several days ago and we have been going back and forth via email. That really meant a lot, I am very thank for her opening herself up to us like that! We were hoping their kiddos could have come over, we would have loved to see Sophie again and meet their handsome little Vollen, but unfortunately they both had colds, so we'll have to get them together another time. They brought over a delicious dinner and we had a great conversation. We talked about our experiences, how all the kids are doing and several other things relating the Down Syndrome, what to expect, look for etc...Both Macy and Vollen are very fortunate to, at least so far, be very healthy, very few health issues, no major heart problems, etc...looking forward to staying in contact with them and seeing them again soon! Thanks guys :-)
Oh & guess who got into town last night?? AUNT GAYLE! Macy has been soooo looking forward to meeting her Aunt Gayle, McKenzie has of course, been telling her many stories about how wonderful she is! She came over for a short visit late last night and will be staying the night with us tonight. What a fun time that will be!
At first it was sort of difficult for McKenzie to share Aunt Gayle, she wanted her all to herself, pretty funny!
Joe and McKenzie have been in Lincoln all day today at cousin Sam's birthday party, we would really like to be there, however, I was just not so sure about that 1 hour car ride just yet. Plus, it is just sooo cold and I would like for her to get a bit bigger before we take too big of a trek. :-( SOON though, very SOON!!!How big are you?? SOOO BIIIG!Now it's time to go give Macy a bath :-)

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