The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 20, 2010

Baby Harnisch ***DUE DATE!!!***

So, as most know, I am (or at least I would like to think I am) am a pretty organized person. I keep my office at work pretty tidy (most of the time) and I keep track of all meetings, events and appointments in my outlook calendar. So, why wouldn't I, of course, enter baby Harnisches due date of January 19th, in outlook. It was pretty funny to get the "event reminder" notification yesterday, Tuesday morning. haha! We didn't exactly stick to that schedule now did we!?! :-)
I had a great time with the ladies at Bunco last night and Joe survived his first evening alone with the girls. I certainly was not worried, I knew he would be perfectly fine. And PERFECTLY fine he was...he had both girls "jammied" up and in bed snoozing before 8pm! What a man I tell ya!! :-)
I was going to post some pics of the last couple days (as I usually do), however I can not seem to locate the camera at the moment, I think Joe must have taken it out of town with him. Yes, out of town, me and my baby girls are home ALONE for the next couple nights, while Joe travels to another fabulous destination, I do believe he is venturing to sunny North Platte, NE, for a hospital audit or something like that. We'll be okay, I'm pretty sure I can handle it. We've got "man of the house" Toby, the aggressively protective, Westie, Gaurd dog. Well all that, minus the aggressive part I suppose.
I wanted to post pics of our trip to daddy's office yesterday...and great Grandma's visit, plus a few other visitors. I also took some pics of our visit to cousin Mason's house. Ashlynn & Autumn got to hold baby Macy. It was pretty cute, they wanted to call a few of their neighborhood friends and show Macy off to them (So, Dakota, Cody and Emily all rushed over & held her too). Even Shelly called her neighbor friend, Melanie. tehe! How sweet!! Macy, you sure are LOVED!
Soo, since I could not post any new pics, I thought I'd leave you with a few of our "first born" Toby. :-) He is very good with babies by the way. Very calm & gentle when they are around...he just adores McKenzie and Macy!

Toby is not just our "pet", he is very much a "member of our family" we LOVE him SOOOO much!

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