The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 5, 2010

So Nice to be Home

McKenzie meets Macy for the first time while we were at Lakeside.

Our first (and right now only) family picture.

who says a baby in the NICU can't be a Diva??

Getting her all bundled up and ready to take home!

The car ride home from the hospital was a bit surreal. I sat in the back seat and just stared at Macy the entire time. How wonderful that it also happened to be like the coldest day of the year, sweet. It didn't take us long to get settled in the house, especially thanks to aunt Lisa who had come the day before and given the house a DEEP cleaning and to aunt Heather for helping us haul stuff and put stuff away. It's funny how much a baby accumulated over the course of just a few days! Toby finally got to meet his baby sister. He was sooo good and sooo gentle. He looked at her, sniffed her and gave her a couple puppy kisses on the cheek. Oh how Macy is going to LOVE her doogie!
After a couple hours of being settled, Joe went and picked McKenzie up from Joy's house. She was just ecstatic to come home and find her baby sister Macy snoozing in the living room.
She was so excited I could tell she was having a difficult time containing herself. I have the cutest video of her reaction and adorable conversation with Macy, once I get this blog stuff figured out I will try to upload that video. It's precious & priceless :-)
I can't quite put into words how amazing it feels to finally be home. Cuddled up with Macy & Joe in front of the crackling fireplace with McKenzie whispering sweet baby nothings in her ear...It doesn't get much better than this! Thank you God for this blessing!
It is morning now and we had a great night. She awoke every four hours for her feedings and then just slipped right back into her slumber. YAY!!! First night at home a big success! Let's hope this continues! :-)
This morning it felt good to sit down with our list of things to do. We called the pediatrician, pediatric opthamlogist (some babies with Down Syndrome have eye problems, cataracts, crossed eyes, etc. But these conditions are correctable. It's just important to be proactive). We also called to meet with our genetics counselor again in a few weeks. We should have the full results from her genetic tests within the next day or two. This will provide us with many answers and open the door to more productive questions. The Children's Home Health Care nurse paid Macy a visit to check on her :-) We had to bring home the Wallaby (baby glow worm machine) to bring her jaundice level down. And oh yeah, among all of Macy's stuff, we can't forget about Toby, time for his grooming! Boy does that doggie need a haircut & a good nail trim...Westies are high maintenance I tell ya!
We are looking forward to a quite relaxing day here at home. Have had a few visitors already and are expecting a couple more this afternoon & evening. Thanks again to you all for thinking of us and keeping us in your prayers. we are VERY lucky for ALL of our awesome friends, family & neighbors :-)

Love, Sherri


  1. Love the pictures! The one of you and Macy with your heads together is priceless!

  2. Sherri - I am humbled by your strength and love! Words can't express how I am feeling for you and your family. I am now more than ever a believer that God is great and that he is shining down on Macy! Bless you guys!

  3. Although we haven't met yet, I want to wish you a heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your sweet Macy. Casie told me about your family, and reading your blog brings back many of the same memories of when our Francesca was born - December 7, 2008 - just a year ago! I look forward to meeting you and your precious Macy. Life is so much sweeter with these special little ones. Blessings, Jaimie Cogua (mom to Francesca).