The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 27, 2011

The "Lee" family Easter

On Saturday all us "Lee's" & "Salisbury's" gathered at The Mallory's home to celebrate the upcoming Easter Holiday. We were originally going to reserve the Picnic area of the Waterloo Park, but thanks to good old unpredictable Spring Nebraska weather, those plans fell through. So we went with our back-up location :-)
It all started with Erika introducing us all to her new beau-friend...Andy. He was very VERY nice, super charming and seemingly perfect for our little Miss Erika. We just want our sweet niece to be happy, she of course, deserves nothing but the very best. No pressure Andy, but we've got our eyes on you...hehe :-)
Macy trying to steal Grandma Lee's teeth.
she wuvs her gwamma :-)
The Big girls eating at the kid table (Kenzie, seriously, get your feet OFF the table! geesh, were you born in a barn??!)
The big kids eating at the adult table...grilling Andy of course! What a good guy :-)
My cousin Renae, Great Grandma Salisbury, Grace, Aunt Mary & Alli.
sweet Grace :-) She looks sooo much like her daddy!
As you can see Aunt Keri gets big thrills by feeding Macy some "naughty" sweets.
Macy (16 mo) & Grace (9 mo) posing in the yard, These expressions are seriously priceless! Both of these two are going to be great friends out at the lake this summer. Come on Sun, warm us up already so we can get to swimming and sun-bathing!!! :-)
Most of the cousins (minus Dylan, Colton & Erika) sitting in the "holding cell" until they are released for the long-anticipated Easter Egg Hunt.
The yard was literally blanketed with colorful eggs!
What I love most about this picture above are the 12 kids all wedged in the doorway waiting for the "go ahead".
And they're off...once again, our Kenzie is first out of the gate. Atta girl!!! :-) HA
"Every kid for themselves"
Brook looks pretty impressed with his selection.
Ally takes her sweet time to make sure she gets just the right color mix.
the boring big kids freezing on the porch.
Dylan. What a handsome boy you are! Gonna be a heart-breaker for sure.
Princess Danielle agrees to do ONE pose. Real quick she tells me.
McKenzie actually holds still for a milli-second to reluctantly pose for my camera as well. We've just about got these kids trained. Is that sad or what?? :-)
My sweet Macy is always willing to pose for the camera.
She just sat right in the middle of the yard as all the big kids raced around her tackling each other for the good eggs. She got quite a kick out of watching them. :-)
While Ally & McKenzie race to the green egg...I'd say Aunt Keri got the "prized" one :-)
Who am I that God has blessed me so richly with these amazing sisters!? That is the question. Never, ever, will a day go bye that I do not thank the good Lord above for placing and surrounding me with these loving, caring, sincere, brilliant and genuine women. Sure, it's no lie that sometimes we compete, bicker and argue over petty stuff...but least we've got petty stuff worth arguing about. And at least we are comfortable enough with each other at which to argue over petty things :-) At the end of the day, we hug it out and continue down this fulfilling journey of sister-hood! I LOVE you ladies and know in my heart-of-hearts we will be there for each other FOREVER through thick and thin!
Funny, how I'm the baby of the family, yet the tallest. hehe. yes, I felt the need to point it out! :-)
Aunt Heather is just as much the "paparazzi" as I am.
Thanks for playing along Danielle...yes...I totally made her do this.
After the hunt, the kids did not waste a single second before diving into their eggs in search of sweets. I am still trying to get RID of these by the way...they are almost all gone. phew. When kids (namely McKenzie) know they are somewhere in the house, they become obsessed and it's all they want to eat. This is precisely why we generally do not have candy or pop at our house on too regular a basis.
Mom & daughter.
Macy playing with the emptied eggs. She was having a ball with them!
Kenzie was excited about this little yellow yo-yo.
Macy crawls over to check out Anna's stash.
"uh-oooohhh". What are Grandpa Lee and Macy up to??
That's the classic look of "guilt"..."hurry up and put it in my mouth before my momma sees".
But really, it wasn't my idea, it's not my carpet...chocolate everywhere...what do I care?? Hehe
You know it's something "good" (aka bad), when the Aunts are FILMING it!
okay, so I seriously had nothing to do with this. This was all her aunts doing. Not sure which one exactly at that very we'll just blame them all.
I didn't agree with it...but I wasn't NOT going to get a picture! :)
Two of my very favorite people.
My dad is one amazing man. The most genuine and type of person. Just ask anyone else who knows him...We all love you Dad!!
The Witt kids posin' with G & G Lee.
uh oh. Grandma Lee & Ally kept dumping their baskets over each other. Ally thought she was pretty tricky & sly. :-)

So there. That's the end of my Easter pics. I promise.
God bless you all. Have a wonderful night!
I leave with this final message...
(no matter their ages - often)

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