The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 5, 2011

Party at Macy's House!

It has been a long winter and Macy has missed her friends.  So, now that the weather is warming up a bit she thought it would be a good idea to invite some over for a playdate.  She was gracious enough to allow them to bring their mommy's, daddy's and siblings too!
 It was a total spur of the moment idea.  We sent an email out just a few days prior to some families in our Down Syndrome Alliance group who lived relatively nearby.  Some could not make it due to other plans or being sick.  :-(  Poor little Tessa had been in the hospital for several days battling pneumonia, Wesley has Croup, etc... (please say a pray for these little ones that they get better real soon!)
We were SOOO excited that seven families were able to come over!  I'd say 30 people is a good size crowd for an impromptu party  :)  We kept it simple and just had a pot-luck style dinner.  Everyone brought LOTS of yummy food!!  :-)
This is Macy with her buddy Eisley.  They are only one week apart in age.  I can't get over adorably similar they are in the look department  :-)  They are both getting SOOO big!!
I think they're posing for someone elses camera here :-)  That's Carrie and baby Kinley in the background!  Kinley just celebrated her 1st Birthday too!
Baby Claire!  I just can't over those gorgeous baby blues.  so bright and captivating  :-)
Us parents (and babies) watching the big kids in the Bounce House.
 Evan (4) and his big brother Reece!
 I don't think these guys left the bounce house all night.
 This is sweet Bailey (6), she too, did not leave the Bounce house all night  :-)
 Bailey's crazy little brother is his 3rd birthday!
 Claire's big sister Grace jumping (or should I say falling) in the B.H. with Bailey.
 Bailey and Evan having.  What a BIG smile  :)
Macy got in on some Bounce House fun  :-)
 thumbs up!  no time to talk...
 Eisley's big brother Tristan knew this party would be full of babies and (boring) girls, so he came prepared...with his book  :-)
 This is an interesting little exchange between Vollen (almost 2!) and Macy.  I love how her hair is blowing in the wind.  It was a little breezy that day.
 uh oh, looks like Vollen found some dirt to play with!
 Now he found a chair that is just the right size for him  :-)
Vollen's big sis (who is only 3 days older than Kenzie) gives Macy a push in her car.  Brook (Bailey's beautiful sis) takes the scooter for a spin.
 The big kids sitting so good at dinner.
 Macy, Claire & Eisley hard at work.
 SOOO BIIIG!  check out Claire kneeling, way to go sweetie!  Macy still hasn't quite mastered that yet  :-)
But check out this new "skill & ability"  SIPPY CUP!!  (thanks Casie for the pics, I stole a couple from her blog).  She finally figured out how to work this crazy contraption.  And I am so glad by this.  Life is about to get much easier now that she has more options for milk intake  :-)  She's still a little messy with it, and has some trouble keeping her elbows up, but continues to make huge progress EVERY day!  So glad our OT gave us the suggestion to skip over the bottle and work with the cup.  Transition from nursing is going to be challenge regardless, so might as well, skip on transition period completely.  Sounds good to me!

A big thanks to the Green family for allowing us to borrow their bounce house once again.  The kids had such a fun time with it  :-)  We owe ya big time!!


  1. Cute pics of the kids! Looks like everyone had fun. Glad the weather cooperated. :)

  2. I'm always available for parties - put me on the guest list! I'll bring the bubbles!