The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 20, 2011

Harrison is 1!

My little nephew Harrison is One!  He was born April 17th, 2010.  What a wonderful Wedding Anniversary gift (surprise) for his parents.  They would have preferred he not be born 9 weeks ahead of schedule, but after several days recovering in the NICU he is PERFECT!  They could not ask for more  :-)
The other day I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with him and his brother at their home in Lincoln.  We shot some pics to celebrate both the upcoming Easter holiday as well as Harrison's 1 year B-Day.
 Harrison is a man on the move!  He would not hold still for nothing...good thing my camera has a fast shutter speed  :-)
 sooo b.i.g.
 He sure cracks himself up  :-)

 The basket served as an effective tool.  He sat still for more than a second!
 I think he looks so grown up in this one  :-)
 Hi Aunt Sherri!
 Big brother Sam wanted to play along too  :-)
 Handsome Harrison and silly Sam.
 just precious...what a good big bro!
 I love their expressions in this one.
 That's a LOT of love!
 He's almost got this standing thing figured out  :-)
 and he's on the move again...

We had fun capturing Harrison's first experience with Cake  :-)
 "Let me at it"
 And he's off.
 Now he sits back to soak it all in
 Paused for a pose.
 Momma tries to get him a bit more excited (and messy).
 He sure was a dainty "first-time" cake eater.
 He didn't get quite as messy as I thought he would have.

 love this one..."who's the man"?!
 That's a little more like it  :-)

 pickin' cake out of his toes (it's hard to see it here, but he's got some drool action...too cute)
 McKenzie and Sam join in the fun.
 Harrison does NOT appear to be happy with this development.  "Dude, this is MY cake!"
 mmmmm...looks appetizing??
 Next stop...BATH TUB!!

Fun times  :-)  Happy Birthday Harrison can't wait to watch you eat cake for the second time at your party this weekend.

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  1. All very cute! Goodness, what a joy to view!