The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 25, 2011

Easter Morning(S) at the Harnisch House

As expected the Easter Bunny paid a Sunday morning visit and the girls were super excited.
The Bunny brought some good loot...I would like to express my sincerest thanks for not cramming ALL the eggs chalk full of sweets.  He mixed in some games too  :-)
 Macy loved her singing butterfly friend  :-)
 Happy Easter Sunday 2010 to my beautiful baby girls.

Our little angels arose to quite a sight yet again this (Monday) morning.  Someone had trespassed into our front yard and vandalized it with 50+ colorful eggs stuffed full of CANDY!  Who did this?  After several investigative emails and phone calls we caught our culprits?
It was the Witts  :-)
 Here is Macy bright and early this morning getting ready for her final Easter Egg hunt this holiday season.  Just waiting for her big sis to get her shoes on.
 The sun was still rising, girls are still jammied and Daddy was just leaving for work  :-)
 "There's some over here"
 "And more over here Momma!"
 Macy spotted a few under the watering can.
 Shake - Shake - Shake.
 Kenzie thought this one was especially pretty  :-)
 Macy point big sis into the direction of a few eggs that were hiding in the bushes.
 There's my big girl standing all by herself! (against the railing)
 She was having a ball with the jelly-bean stuffed eggs...she got a kick out of her new found musical talents  :-)
 I think you got'em all girls  :-)
 ooops.  Macy found one more...peek-a-boo!
 Toby posing from inside the house  :-)
Kenzie and I kept ourselves busy for a couple hours.  There are, surprisingly, TONS of really fun games that can be played with empty easter eggs.  All of the games below were all her idea  :-)
1) empty eggs - eat the contents (or in my case - confiscate as much of the sugary contents as possible)
2)  Match & re-assemble the eggs
3)  Sort by color
4)  Line up in rows according to color
5)  Add 'em up and make a chart
6)  Play "line-leader"
7)  separate into baskets
8)  Create a hopscotch board
9)  separate into "boy" groups & "girl" groups"
10)  Make a giant egg circle around Macy
11)  make cup-cakes!
We  had a super-duper lazy.low key day today.  It was cold, dreary and raining all day...Luckily Grandpa Lee stopped over to break of the monotony of "boringness".
  Kenzie drug him outside to play on her BRAND new playset.  Of which Daddy just finished building LAST NIGHT!!  She loves it!!  great job Dad  :-)

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