The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 13, 2011

Old Market Adventure

Yesterday our plans for the day quickly changed when we heard cousin Sam had pink eye...looks like Little Harrison's 1-yr photoshoot will be put on hold until next week.
Since it was a gorgeous 80 degree day, we, along with the Cooke clan, decided to head east to the Old Market for a downtown adventure.  
For sanity sake, it is imperative to keep the kids busy.  However, due to the fact that our Harnisch household now only has one income source, I am making diligent efforts to save money wherever possible.  My sister is joining me on this challenge of seeking out any and all free (or at least low cost) outings this summer.  We are figuring out that the Omaha area has tons of fun stuff to offer!  If you have any ideas for fun, family friendly activities around town PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY!!
As you can imagine, I usually take my Nikon every where.  I wear it around my neck as though it's an accessory  :-)  BUT...I didn't have my camera yesterday in an effort to "have less baggage".  I thought, it's just gonna be a kind of day, just strolling around with the kids.  But of course, I was immediately regretting my decision, as I sincerely and genuinely enjoy capturing EVERY fun moment we experience together.  LIFE is WAY too short not to capture the memories.  Plus, I like having photos to "show for" what we accomplish in a day.  And "having something to blog about" has turned into a fun (and I like to think) productive hobby for me.
Luckily, I had my trusty iPhone in my pocket to savor some memories.  So now our little downtown adventure will not be forgotten.
Yesterday, in the Old Market, we felt like "TOURISTS IN OUR OWN TOWN!
First - "Pascetti" @ Spaghetti Works!  Next time we'll go on a Monday as kids eat free on Mondays  :-)
All the kids were well-behaved...but I must say, I wish they could all be a little more like Little Miss Macy.  She is SOOO easy-going, just along for the ride and doesn't make a single fuss, you can seriously take her anywhere.  Plus she eats like a champ and will eat ANYTHING I put in front of her...atta-girl!...  :-)
Brook Michael Cooke of course had to pose in front of his family's "J.P. Cooke Stamp company" building  :-)
We took a walk around the lake @ Gene Leahy Mall.
 me and my crazy girls
 Ally running over to tackle her mommy.
 wish I would have had my actual camera...this could have been a really cute shot!  :(

RAAWR!  This fat & lazy duck wasn't scared of nothing.  Which the kids found entertaining and kind of annoying  :-)  What fun is a duck that ignores you??  hehe
what a special brother-sister moment  :-)
McKenzie and Macy playing on the cute little Alligator slide
 While the other big kids raced down the BIG slides!
Aunt Lisa, Ally & Brook.

 Macy got brave and went down the big one with me a few times :-)
 McKenzie watches cousin Brook go down, but she never did build up enough guts to go down herself.
what a whimp!  We NEED to work on that.
 This is the action shot my phone got of Lisa & Ally, oops, they were going a little TOOO fast!
 Macy, you're going the wrong way!
On our way back to the car, we, of course had to stop for some ice cream.  The big kids enjoyed the bright blue cotton candy flavored variety...I some how missed the boat on that photo-op.
I love this middle photo...she's blurry because she was SOO excited to snack on this ice cold treat, she could not contain her excitement, she was bouncing up & down  :-)  hehe
And this, my friends, is victory in its purest form.  Four kids in the backseat efficiently worn down after a fun-filled day.  Lisa and I enjoyed a very peaceful 33 minute drive home from downtown!
Later last night I challenged my nephew Dylan to a game of Tennis at Ta-ha-Zouka.  We had fun, but my shins are killing me today!  Another battle wound I have is from Sunday.  Keri and I were "mother's of the year" and played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii most of the day...we got to level 8-1 before having to finally throw in the towel and put the kids to bed...but my left thumb still HURTS!!!!!  I know, I'm a wimp!  But seriously, I have not played a video game in YEARS.

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