The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 31, 2011

Random fun

Life is good - now that everyone is finally healthy...knock on wood!! 
But, the girls and I are still really itchin' for spring to arrive (for real this time)  :-)
The other day, after meeting Kirby, we crashed Aunt Keri's house for dinner.  Plus, Erika was home from college for spring break, so Macy really wanted to get in some extra "cousin Erika-time"  :-)
Macy was a little more fussy than usual.  She wasn't hungry, she wasn't messy, she wasn't why was she crying??
Being the "OH SO SMART MOM" that I am, I knew she was sleepy and simply thought we should go home and go night-night.
But no, my (older and supposedly wiser) sister had a much better idea...what does Aunt Keri do to remedy the situation? 
 Yep, she stripped off Macy's clothes & threw her in the sink!
 As you can see baths at Aunt Keri's house are SO much fun  :-)
 Keri's "Stall-tactic" was working quite effectively.
 Macy was content and having a good-old time.  Keri bought herself a few extra minutes with Macy  :-)
 Some day she'll grow out of sink baths and move her way up to the big girl tub, but for now she is having WAAAY too much fun in the who are we to take away something she so enjoyed so very much.  Besides her 15 pound little body is PERFECT for sink!

YEP, our little Miss Macy is 15 Months & 15 Pounds!
 McKenzie and Anna help offer their assistance.
  I love her crinkle face.
 hmmm...wonder where she gets this expression?
 nice hair girls!
after about 15 minutes, she lets us know, SHE'S DONE!
Aunt Gayle is in town!!
 We love it when Gayle comes to visit  :-)  She lives in Colorado.  McKenzie is always excited when she sleeps in the room upstairs that is especially, and only, for her.
 awwww.  What a sweet picture.
 pinchin' cheeks!
 Gayle, doing what Aunts do best, teaching Macy some bad habits  :-)
McKenzie was excited once it was time for Macy to take a nap.  She had Aunt Gayle all to herself.  They played tag, hide-n-seek and a bunch of iPhone games.  She showed her how awesome she is at the Memory/matching games.  She also showed Aunt Gayle how to make cupcakes on the iPhone.  :-)
We ate lunch at El'Bees and then later, went to Grandpa Harnische's retirement dinner.  (that's another post).

oh, and while we went to the dinner, guess who babysat the girls?!
 My "Little Sis" Kylie.
She is so sweet and SOO good with kids  :)
I can't believe Kylie is graduating from High School next month.  CRAZY!  And, she has decided to go to Arizona State University.  Very cool.  You go girl!  The coolest thing, is that she is pursuing a degree in journalism.  How awesome is that?  :-)
I just asked McKenzie "who's in charge"?

We are still doing the "warm & fuzzy" jar...and it still proves to be quite effective!
Here is McKenzie's latest reward for filling it up.
 I found this adorable "Finger Printing Art Set" at Francesca's.  Figures...I was trying to be selfish and go shopping for MYSELF, and what do I wind up buying? Something for McKenzie!  :-( 
oh well, that's life right?
She thinks it's the neatest thing...and it really is!  You can do ALL sorts of fun things with finger-prints.
 I am very impressed by the level of creativity she has!
 She's playing "peek-a-boo" here.  I think she likes the tin container about as much as the actual supplies that come in it :-)
My Angel.
Like I said at the beginning of the post, I am so thankful when everyone is healthy.  It makes for much more enjoyable days.  We have been having a lot more fun lately  :-)  I truly enjoy each and every moment I get to spend with my girls, they are the highlight of my existence.
okay - well, Macy is waking up from her nap, so I better go rescue her from her crib!  (before she jumps out of it)  :-)
Then it's dinner-time and off to gymnastics we go. 

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