The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 7, 2011

Baby Colby!

The other day I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Julie's (more specifically my sister's husband's sister's) little guy!
Colby Patrick Bluvas was born Feb 21st and was exactly 10 days NEW when I took these pics  :-)
This little guy was SOOO good and was such a good sport  :-)
not to mention precious!  :-)
I am just in love with all his little features.  He's the spitting image of his big brother Nathan  :-)
He was surprisingly strong and would NOT lay still in the basket.  That explains Julie's hand keeping him from diving head first out of the basket  :-)
don't ya just love his itty-bitty rolls.  He's got some eatin' to do to fill them out!
so wide awake & bright-eyed here
big foot!  :-)
And I must say, he has the most flawless skin.  Aside from a few dry areas on his feet, I did not have to do any photoshopping.  You expect newborns to have some acne or scratches, etc...but not this guy!  :-)
gotta love little baby butts.
why hello  :-)
showin' off his guns.
such a kissable little face  :-)
can't tell because of the black fabric...but he's resting peacefully in his momma's arms!

Prior to Colby coming over, I had the girls serve as little models so that I could adjust my camera settings.  I try to take photos in manual mode as much as possible, to really try to capture the beauty.  But, I am an ameteur so sometimes it takes me some TIME to get the settings just right according to the specific lighting situations.
Macy is up first!  she is sitting in her little desk that her PT Penni custom made for her.  She doesn't just sit in, she climbs OVER it now.  HAHA
Still trying to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and exposure settings in the camera.
And...I KNOW what this looks like.  But you can't believe everything you see.  Clearly Macy wants you to believe that she is being tortured and that her sister has her in a choke-hold.  But, despite what it looks like, she actually is NOT.  :-)
again.  this IS a "gentle-touch" and NOT a chokehold as the expression on Macy's face would lead you to believe.
Macy thinks that her big sis has a little too much "love" at times  :-(


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