The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 7, 2011

DSA - Super Mom's group Spa night!

Last week several of us Down Syndrome Mom's had a "meeting" at a local spa to connect and enjoy each other's company.  All of us were due for a little pampering in the hand and foot category (or at least I was due - waay over due sadly).
Here are some pics that Casie took of the night  :-)
Casie, Laura, Tracy & Amy.  Soooo good to see and catch up with Casie there.  If anyone deserved a man-pedi it was her.  She just had a baby boy (Ronan) 7 days prior  :-)
Elizabeth and I chit-chatting.
Anne, Jaime, Roberta & Dana
Tracy & Buffy...and oh yeah...that's me WAY in the back.  You know, the crazy one flailing her arms all around.  "look at me - look at me"  hehe
We were even treated to some fancy cocktails.  Thanks Roberta!
finished footsies #1
finished footsies #2

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  1. I was just showing my husband your blog and photos...this one is so much fun!