The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 7, 2011

Some outside fun!

We have been able to get out and play a few times in the last week thanks to Mother Naturing teasing us with a couple warm (or should I say NOT freezing) days.
McKenzie had fun playing, riding bikes and drawing sidewalk chalk pictures with the neighbors  :-)
Lauren & McKenzie
I love love LOVE these adorable pics that Lynn took of the girls  :-) 
besties riding their princess bikes!
Grandpa Lee came over and wanted McKenzie to come out and make some snowmen with him.
Pretty much all the snow had melted away, except for this last mound in our backyard.  The snow had drifted so high back there, it went up and over the fence!  Toby escaped several times and made himself at home in the Fast family's yard.  sorry guys!   :-)
Grandpa & Kenzie got quite resourceful using buckets, trashcans, chalk, hats and pumpkins to make these creative snowmen.  Here McKenzie kisses one of them.  tongue & all.  NICE!
peek-a-boo - raaawr!
me and McKenzie posing with our snow family.  She said "that's me, that's Daddy, that one is Macy and this one is YOU mommy!".
The other day we went to a carnival at our church put on by McKenzie's pre-school.  SUPER fun!  Tons of fun games to play  :-)  Do you like McKenzie's butterfly??
btw - thanks Lynn for sending us these pics  :-)
here is a pic of Lauren, Hannah and Dylan playing with Macy at the carnival.  Sure there was a HUGE bounce house 12 feet away, but at the moment they were perfectly entertained by little Miss Macy  :-)
Can you tell she had come down with quite a little cold.  She looks so sickly in this pic.   poor thing.  It didn't last long thankfully.  She snapped out of it a few days later.  yippee!  ata girl

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