The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 21, 2011

Big Sis is DOWN & OUT!

Poor Kenzie has had a rough couple weeks...namely a super rough last couple days!  We went to her pediatrician a couple weeks ago to get advice regarding a new rash flare-up (she has always had really dry/sensitive skin), we came home with an antibiotic to treat a staph infection (as a result of her itching the rash) and an allergy medicine.  Doc is certain that the dark circles she's had under eyes the last few months are associated with allergies.  So we'll see if anything changes there.  Oh, one last thing, when he looked in her ears, he informed me that she has a double ear infection.  um.  okay.  She is a trooper and does not let most things get her down.  Ear Infections don't phase this kid one bit  :-) 
btw - since we were at the doc, and they have a baby scale, we weighed Macy...she is well into the 15's!  15.6lbs to be exact  :-)  Still very under-weight, but gaining & that's all that's important.

Sooo...back to McKenzie.  It all started Friday night around 10pm.  We heard crying up in her room.  "Sherri!" Joe yells.  I round the corner to see Joe hunched over hugging a hysterical McKenzie...I look closer to see a huge brown explosion all over her bed and all up her head-board.  yep, projectile.  Oh no.  Here we go.  Poor thing was shivering and pale.  :-(  It just breaks my heart to see her so helpless and scared.  I snapped into "cleaning/sanitation" mode, while Joe was playing the "comforting daddy" role quite nicely.  9 wardrobe changes, 4 sets of bed-linens, 7 towels, a carpet shampoo, kitchen wall scrub-down, 3 wood floor moppings, strip and wash living room couch cushions, wipe down of kitchen table & chair and 4 loads of laundry later...we have arrived at 9:15am Saturday.
Hate to break it to ya McKenzie, but it looks like we won't be going to Kinley's BounceU Birthday today afterall.   :-(  BIG BUMMER!!! 
We were going to try and "wait-it-out", but the girl was losing SOOO much bodily fluids and not holding anything down.  She was burning up and quivery.  I put a phone-call into her doctor and was advised to take her to the ER.  (just in case she was dehydrated and may need IV fluids as a result of all the vomiting).  Even though we thought this may have been an over-reaction, who are we to disobey Doctor's orders?
So we dropped Macy off at my sister Lisa's house, where Brook & Ally excitedly greeted us at the front door.  I knew McKenzie was DEFINITELY not feelin' it when she didn't seem to mind that her baby sister got to play at the Cooke's house - without her.  Normally she would have gone bonkers at this arrangement. 
Here's an iPhone pic of Joe and Kenzie waiting on the ER doc.  She was like this (emotionless.lump.on.a.log and not a care in the world) the entire time we were there.  Even our super nice nurse, Kylie, couldn't get her to crack a smile.  They took some labs and found that even though she has been losing so much, her little body is handling it well.  We were told she may have Rotavirus Infection.  And that Diarrhea is a very near possibility.  sweet.
 So home we went...with orders to keep giving her fluids, no food, watch for dehydration, etc...
 Here McKenzie is watching "Sid the Science Kid" on my iPhone.  I of course, placed 5 towels under, near and around her, as to help minimize "clean-up".  I also handed her this bowl to please use...and of course, this is asking a bit too much of a three year old.  The bowl remains bone dry.  The carpet & couch cushions?  not so much.  :-(  oh well.  It was worth a try.
 This has been the extent of McKenzie's excitement the last few days.  She does whimper "mommy" every couple of hours.  She gets bored and switches locations for a change of scenery every 5 or so hours.  So that's good  :-)  When she moves, she looks like a brand-new baby deer trying to walk for the first time.  Sad, but kinda pathetic at the same time.   :-)
She also managed to choke down some Pedialyte popsicles and ice chips, with minimal residuals.
 Poor baby.  Just catching up on her beauty sleep!  She is going to arise to be the FAIREST IN ALL THE LAND!  Now, it may appear that we've had a quiet household with our crazy toddler feeling under-the-weather and uncharacteristically mellow...but don't be fooled.  Macy has been very much over-compensating for Kenzie's lack of enthusiasm.  She has been, for lack of better words "bouncing off the walls"!  And getting herself into all sorts of trouble.  :-)  Atta girl.
 We were slightly worried as Doc informed us that Rotavirus is highly contagious.  How are we going to keep the girls separated?!?  They are usually rough housing with each other constantly.  Welp...let's just say the daily phrases of "get off your sister", "put down your sister", do not squeeze your sister", "McKenzie, for the last time, Macy does NOT like to be smothered in blankets!" have not been used much the last couple days.
Through this...I am reminded that being a mom is the most rewarding job in the world!  While, this picture is sad and heartbreaking, it is also reassuring and heartwarming.  Just when I think my baby girl is 3 going on 14 and all the sudden doesn't need her mommy like she used to, Miss Independent "let ME do it"...this happens.  A sneaky virus attacks her little immune system.  She turns weak and helpless. Her mouth is speechless, but her eyes tell quite the sob-story.  My usually spunky/feisty 3-yr old is emotionless,  She cries for her momma.   I pull her hair back.  A hug, kiss and a cuddle soothes her weary soul and puts her at ease.  I jump when I hear her sweet raspy voice whisper "scratch my back please".  McKenzie has never been much of a cuddler (polar opposite of her always snugglie sister).  She doesn't get sick often, hardly ever actually - she really is the picture of (knock on wood) perfect health.  But when she, THIS girl goes down...HARD!

Selfishly, I think to myself, "It's nice to be needed"  :-)  Only a mommy and daddy have magic baby healing powers!
She managed to drink several cups of watered down apple juice, crackers and peanut butter toast this evening (without any messy follow-ups).  I am confident she is on the up & up.  
Still, no pre-school tomorrow though.
And we better call and cancel that playdate with Heidi & Nathan too.  :-(
We should probably go a go ahead and postpone Macy's OT appt for Tuesday as well...Lucy is undergoing Chemo for breast cancer, no need to put her at further risk of infection.
Good night all - and thanks for your kinds words and prayers for sweet McKenzie this weekend...she is of course going to be just fine.  :-)

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