The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 14, 2011

If she can't have it...she WILL find it!

Our little Miss Macy is VERY much on the move lately!  She crawls all over the place and pulls herself up in search of things she can't have.  She has an eye for trouble.
here she is playing all innocently one second.
just crawlin' around - minding her own business
looking for toys
 playing peek-a-boo
This is one of her new favorite games!
"I see you".  WHAT A RIOT!
Then she decides that she doesn't want to play in the family room where her baby toys are anymore.
She would MUCH rather crawl into big sister's play room and knock over all her puzzles and books.  "UHHH OOOOHHH!" she says.
that's her new favorite word as of late  :-)
 all of the sudden little miss Speedy Gonzalez is all the way over on the other side of the room looking through more of big sister's toys.  harmless right?
then, why is McKenzie running over to tell me something?
She wanted to show me this.
Do you see it?!
To the untrained eye, this would be nothing.  But to trouble.maker.if.I.can' Macy this is the jackpot!  Pure gold.  She found the ONE thing in the entire room she KNEW she wasn't supposed to have.  A popcorn kernel seed.  nice!  She had to travel over, under and around several "baby safe" toys to get to this one naughty "no-no".  How does she find this's an amazing talent.  I ran over as fast as I could and the little stinker-but grabbed it and shoveled it into her mouth faster than the speed of light.  No worries, I vacuumed, and all remnants from that movie/popcorn night should now be long gone.  phew.
She really likes to keep us on our toes.
McKenzie picked her up and re-directed her towards a more appropriate play area.
oh, by the way.  Do you like what daddy has done to our once  yep some wood, soft padding and brown fabric later, and we've got ourselves an inviting play area for the kiddos!  :-)

(basically, he built a 2 sided wooden box to fit snugly over the existing brick, we cut sheets of padding and fabric (both from Hobby Lobby) to size, and staple gunned it on.)
This is perfect!  Macy loves climbing and pulling herself up to it.  We can now encourage & not discourage her from playing over there  :-)  Much more forgiving than that hard brick was.
Do you see her talking to herself in the mirror??  hehe  We have since purchased a larger mirror to put back there, and she LOVES it!
What a BIIIG girl  :-)
Now she's off on her next mischievous mission.
Until next time...
oh speaking of trouble.  Here is a pic of our Monday Night Volleyball team.
Pete's Pucca Posse (don't ask - it's apparently a long story)
Me, Matt, Andrea, Ryan, Andrea & Matt
Defending World Champs!  j.k.
ha!  I love these guys  :-)
Can't wait for milder weather/outdoor season.

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  1. Beautiful kiddos. :) I am stealing your fireplace babyproofing idea.