The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 28, 2011

Toby meets Kirby!!

Ashlynn, Autumn & Mason have added a new member to their family.
Meet Kirby!
Isn't he the cutest!  As you can see, Ash is quite smitten  :-)
Kirby is a VERY good doggie.  He is four years old and was previously living with a foster family associated with "The Little White Dog Rescue".  He is lucky and they are lucky to have found each other  :)
 Toby came to meet his new cousin & brought him some special treats.
 Macy says "Hey, how do I get in on this snack-time?!"
 The doggies were playing & Macy was crying because they wouldn't share their treats.
 Autumn, Kirby & Macy getting to know each other
 Mason introduces his dragon (with an alligator in it's mouth) to Macy.  She was giving him the "stare-down".  "You don't scare me.  You're ugly, but you don't scare me."
 Macy actually started to cry when Mason took the dragon away.  too funny!  sorry kid, but I don't think we are going to be bringing any dragons home from the toy store anytime soon.   just sayin'.
 Batman and his bride!
 okay, so this is COOL!  See this dress Kenzie is wearing??  Ashlynn wore this in our wedding 8&1/2 years ago...and now McKenzie is playing in it.  awwwww.  As you can see it has been played in lots at the Harnisch House.
McKenzie is super-duper excited about being a REAL flower girl this summer!
I will leave you with this sweet image.
We love you Kirby, you are such a sweetie...welcome to the family!!

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