The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 20, 2011

DSA's Pajarama!

Our Friday evening started off great!  The weather was awesome, so we took a short walk and played with the neighbors for a couple hours...then we got jammied up and headed over to Barnes & Nobles for our first DSA (Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands) sponsored "Pajarama" event.
 McKenzie listening intently as the gal reads "If you give a mouse a cookie" you can see Macy has her eye on a DIFFERENT book.  kinda rude isn't it?  that girl!
 I am instructing her to turn around a "pay attention" and she gives me this blank stare.  Typical girl behavior right?
 McKenzie was multi-tasking...1/2 listening 1/2 reading her own little book.  hehe
 Macy was very interested in this young boy's shark book!
 She finally noticed the HUGE mouse sitting on the stage...she was mesmerized!
 Brooklyn sitting on her momma's lap during storytime.
What a cutie!
 She wasn't quite sure about the whole "photo-op" with the mouse idea...
 "Sister...get me off of here!!"
 "You're on your own" Kenzie says.  Gotta love Macy's look.
 "Hurry up and get your d@mn picture already...just so you know, I am NOT happy about this".  hehe
 At least Brooklyn was a good sport.  I'm diggin' her iCarly PJ's!  :-)
 After a couple "If you give a Mouse..." stories, the kids were treated to cookies and juice.
This was another GREAT way to celebrate upcoming 
World Down Syndrome Day!

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