The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 14, 2011

My cousins Wedding Shower & other stuff

After a fun weekend full of festivities, the girls and I are enjoying a nice low-key day.  Just playing and doing some light housework (and I use the term "light" heavily  :-)).
Mom's Coffee on Saturday was fun as always.  Then in the evening Joe and I had an adult night out with some of our best college friends.  LOVED getting together and catching up with Nikki, Mark, Heather, Bob, Alex & Brian.  And you gotta love PF Changs.  no pics sadly - :-(   
I have not been good about taking pics lately.  We also had playdates with neighbors and cousins and I did not take a single pic.  shame on me right!  :-(
My cousin Terry and his fiance were in town from Texas this weekend.  We had a wedding shower for them yesterday.  Good thing Aunt Keri had her camera - because, again, I was "OFF" my game.
 Macy, my cousin Terry & his fiance Allye  :-)  
A couple of Texas A&M alums...Macy trying not to hold that against 'em.  hehe
this is a sweet pic.
 what is even more SWEET is that they have asked these three little cuties to be flower girls...Danielle, McKenzie & Anna.  They are all super duper excited!!!  We ordered our flower girl dresses last night!  yippee  :-)  They are all (all four of them) going to look like princesses.
Allye, cousin Dani & Kenzie
Macy trying to steal Aunt Patty's teeth.
Aunt Keri & Kenzie cuddling on the couch during the shower
Between Uncle Dan and cousin Dani, this little girl got PLENTY of sweets.  CAKE mmmmmm gooood  :-)
Opening their gifts..."oooh wow more cute pastel-colored Easter decorations" Terry says!
Apparently he had been practicing this "surprise/happy/thankful" face all week.  HA!
It was so nice to have some of our "Texas" family in town this weekend!  It was also nice to meet Allye's parents who also made the trip North to meet Terry's crazy family  :-)  Can't wait to make the trip down to Texas this June for their big wedding!  McKenzie is already super excited to fly on a plane for the first time.  oh and all 20 of her closest Aunts, Uncles & cousins are on the same flight.  Could be interesting.
I took some pics of Macy hugging Daddy when he got home from work Friday night - she was sooo excited to see him. So was's Fish Fry season so he had picked up some eats from the Catholic Church a few blocks away.  They have a drive through service, how cool (and efficient) is that!?
ha.  He looks like a giant from this angle  :)
Macy looks like a little giant too!  hehe  what a silly goose.
I think she's going to be a dentist when she grows up.  She's always examining everyone's teeth.
Watching the beautiful Nebraska Sunset.  

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  1. Looks like the shower was a blast! I think the little flower girls will outshine the bride (ok, maybe Terry!). We thought Megan would be a dentist too - always was checking out anyone and everyone's mouths!