The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 27, 2011

Cook Club & Waterloo Girls lunch

It was my turn to host Cook Club this month.
I chose a "slow-cooker" theme and assigned everyone a specific dish type, so we had a delightful full course meal  :-)
I have such a good time catching up with these girls each month. We never run out of things to talk about  :-)  Our "Cook Club" just gives us a good reason to get some much needed "girl time" (as most of us are married and have kids), eat some yummy home-cooked food and enjoy a few cocktails (those of us who are not pregnant or nursing that is)  :-)
Emily, Candace, Leah, Kirsten, Jill & Jenni  (I was taking the pic and was therefore not in the pic)

Joe took the girls to gymnastics and then to Sam & Louie's afterwards for some Pizza & Basketball.  What a good daddy!   :-)


Yesterday I had lunch with some friends from high school.
Tina (known since 2nd grade), Jenny (known since 4th grade), Adria (kindergarten), Keli (7th grade) & me!
We had SUCH a fun time!!  I can't think of anything we did not talk about.  I am sure we were driving the rest of the restaurant patrons crazy with our loud voices, laughs and high school stories  :-)
We were there for over three hours and could have stayed much longer...but we thought it would be best to get back home to our families who were missing us.
Me, Tina & Jenny  (who is 26 weeks pregnant btw, doesn't she look fantastic!!  Her 2 year old Emma is getting a baby brother  :-)
 The girls on the other side of the table...Adria & Keli
 Adria joined our side for a quick "class of '98" photo-op.  hehe
I'm not really sure what Tina is doing here, but it's a good pic, so I'll just post it too  :-)
We are going to try and get together every 4th Saturday of each month for a Waterloo girls anyone read this blog who graduated with us (give or take a year or two) are welcome to join us!!!

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