The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 16, 2011

Little Miss Macy 16 & 1/2 month update.

While she is recovering from a little bug that had her down over the weekend 
(runny nose, cruddy eyes, a cough, fever, deep breathing & uncharacteristically fussy demeanor) 
Our crazy little stinker butt continues to knock our socks off! 
 She has finally broken into the 16lb range.  she was 16"3' this morning  :-)  Atta-girl!
Each day she gets better and better at maneuvering that slippery sippy cup and she eats like a champ!  I still have yet to encounter a food she does not like (actually I'm not even sure she tastes it as it is mostly inhaled - she wastes no time at all transferring edible delights from from plate to mouth).  Hope she keeps that up, but I'm sure just like any kid, this could change in a split second.  Just like it did with her big sis.  uggh  :-(  
 She is getting stronger too.  
 Penni (her PT) predicts she'll be walking by 20 months or so (I'd say that's promising and optimistic :-).  
She can feel her little muscles still working super hard just to hold herself upright & pull up on things.  That low-tone continues to get the best of her - it's something she'll always have to "work-through" (apparently you can't do much to improve tone...but we can work on strength building and technique).  Plus, she still lacks some coordination to pull the whole WALKING thing off just yet.  BUT.  And that's a big BUT.  What our little chica has going for her is fierce determination and a strong desire to be get places and be involved in all things fun (and naughty).  Let's just say we are great need of baby-proofing the kitchen cabinets, pantry & mudroom.  bad, bad means NO!  She's heard a lot of NO's lately and her new favorite word is 'uh....(wait for it)....oooooh".
Couple that strong determination and desire to "perform" with a strong will and small stature, she's got herself a winning combination  :-)  Not much standing in her way there.
Not to mention she's got tons of little friends, cousins, aunts & a big sister to keep up with and show off for.  
She's gonna be JUST fine.  No worrying about this kiddo.  I am SOOO glad and relieved to know that her village is gigantic and could not be any more "PRESENT" and involved in her little life.  Certainly takes a great deal of pressure off her momma & poppa.
Macy you really have NO idea how lucky you are  :)
As you can see in the above pic...She continues to show a great deal of interest in the field of unwanted dental exams to anyone who opens their mouths within a 2 foot radius.  If this is her career-field of choice, we will certainly support her in that decision.  Whatever you want kid...the SKY'S the limit!
oooorrr perhaps she's just trying to steal everyone elses teeth.  Obviously a lot easier and less painful than actually growing her own.  She still just has two teeny bottom teeth  :-)  GROW YOUR OWN KID!

It's been a while since I have uploaded video here are a couple for your viewing pleasure :-)

below you will see a determined Macy attempt an escape from the front office where I was working.  She had quite a little obstacle course.  She had to climb over, under, around & through the highchair.  go through the dining room, into the kitchen and finally gained access to the mud-room where Toby's scrumptious (and off-limits) dog food awaits her.   What a STINKER!
be sure to turn the volume up so you can hear her devilish snicker

Here is a video of her watching Baby Signing times in the playroom the other day.  Up to this point TV, or any video for that matter, has not so much caught her attention.  She just is not "captivated" by it just yet.  But the other day, she paid a little bit of attention to it and even mimicked several of the signs!  Way to go Macy!

Good night friends  :-)

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