The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 9, 2011

Pi Ep Senior Tea

On Friday night, after Macy's therapy and a mommy spa/shopping day at Village Pointe (thanks family for my early Mother's Day gift - it was so nice having an entire afternoon all to MYSELF! :-)), I attended the Pi Ep Senior Tea.
This was the sorority I was in while at College.  Now I am a 9 yr post-grad alumni...CRAZY OLD!!
In any was at a fellow alums cabin at a nearby lake.  A big thanks to Sarah and her mom Cindy (who was also a PiEp) for hosting us!  Your place on the lake is awesome!  It was soo much fun and such a gorgeous night!
 I enjoyed catching up with a few old friends as well as meeting some new ones, learning where they are from and what their majors are...goals for the future, etc...lots of potential in this group!  It was so much fun reminiscing & sharing stories of the olden days.  It was also very cool to hear how many of the same traditions still exist in the sorority.  There are also many that do not  :-(  It happens-change is inevitable.  We talked and laughed about everything from events, functions, formals, community service activities and pledging. 
Two girls, a junior and a senior, were awarded the Pi Ep Alumni scholarships.  The graduating seniors were also given a special PiEp bracelet as a graduation gift.
this is our little alumni logo

 Another group shot.  Can you spot the three pregnant alums??  :-)
I carpooled with two of my college besties, Alex & Nikki.  Check out Al's baby bump!  Can't wait to meet the newest member of the Kohlhaas family very soon  :-)
 Some of the current actives singing/performing one of the PiEp songs.  :-)  that brought back some memories!
 Jill's husband, Adam, took us on a sunset cruise.
Perfect night for my first boat-ride of the season  :-)
The coolest part of the night was being asked to talk about the Buddy Walk.  Sarah, our alumni president, asked me to tell the girls more about it.  So, of course, I had no problem doing so...after sharing what the Buddy Walk and a little of what the Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midland's was all about the girls seemed genuinely interested.  
So much so, that they decided right then that it would be fun for them to take this on as one of their community service projects next year!  That was such an awesome idea (wish I had thought of it), one that just made my heart warm with gratitude for these sweet college girls.
So, come fall, they will put their heads together and design special "Pi Epsilon edition" Movin' with Macy shirts.  
I am soo excited, I hope it still works out for them to join us at the Buddy Walk.  Yes, it is a fundraiser, but most importantly this event serves as a means to generate awareness and acceptance for all individuals who have Down Syndrome.  So the more people who come and show their support at the Buddy Walk the merrier!!!
By the way...mark your calendar, as  
October 15th is this year's Buddy Walk!


  1. Another great blog! Love that Buddy Walk is Oct 15th... that is my oldest son's birthday... he is the MOST protective big brother Caden could ever want! It will be awesome celebrating Jared's birthday and celebrating Caden at Buddy Walk this year! Can't wait!

  2. I can't wait to bring Cooper to the walk as well! I think this will be a annual thing for our family. Looking forward to October 15th...with my Pi Ep shirt on!!!