The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 26, 2011

The Concept of Time...

McKenzie is three (almost 4!).  She does not understand the concept of time...but she knows just enough to be dangerous (or in my case ANNOYING!).  I am sure her teachers at preschool have introduced her to the basics, but summer came before her time tracking skills were perfectly honed.
So that leaves me, attempting to pick up where pre-school left off.  It's gonna be a LONG summer!

She asks "what time are we going there?"..."what time will we be there?"..."what time do we go to the park today?"..."what time will it be when we fly on that plane?" (every plane she sees in the sky it is THE plane she is flying on when we got to Texas in June)..."what time can I wear my pretty pink princess flower girl dress?"...

Oh & the "time" question is ALWAYS followed up with the "minutes" dialogue.  ugggh.  "How many minutes is that?"  "How many MORE minutes do we have to wait".  It's like narrowing it down into minutes puts it into a better perspective for her or something.  whatever.   Kid, you're killin' me here!!!!!!
The biggest "time" battle this week is "WHAT TIME DO I GET TO GO TO SARAH'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!????!"
yep, her bestie has invited her to her big girl party, which includes a sleepover.  To say that McKenzie is excited about it is the understatement of the century!

I am putting my "change of subject" skills into full effect and am trying to perfect my "art of distraction" abilities - how can I keep this up for two more whole days.

Lesson learned.  I will no longer tell McKenzie about exciting things too far in advance  :-)  I knew this day would come eventually & here we are!

Joe has said on several occasions that we should get a new wall clock (or at least put batteries in the ones we do have), so that she can learn by the hands on the clock.  I get it.  I agree.  Kind of.  But not really.  I mean who uses those old fashioned dialogue clocks anymore.  It's the 21st century...Society has gone digital!  A lot has changed since we were taught how to tell time 27+ years ago.  It's a whole new world we live in now.  I wonder...will the phrases "clockwise" & "counterclockwise" mean anything to this new generation of humans?  Or will it just be lost on them?

that's my rant for today.  Thanks for listening  :-)

Now, off we go to take some outdoor pics of my sweet niece "just turned three" Ally!

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  1. Ha! I, too, have learned not to build up future events too soon. Samantha will go on and on and on about it. LOL