The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 2, 2010


Today, Kylie and I experienced our first ever Nascar Race. We woke up bright and early...
(well, I suppose Kylie didn't have to "wake" up as she didn't even go to sleep. you see. The night before was her H.S. Prom. WOW, what are we getting ourselves into?!?! Nothing a few coffee stops couldn't handle, she was good-to-go)
and road tripped 3 hours down I-29 to the Kansas Speedway.
She was pretty excited, as was I! We got the tickets from Big Brother's Big Sister's (this is the awesome organization that "matched" us nearly 7 years ago)...
I love this girl, so glad she puts up with me and my crazy "photo-op-requests".
Sure...why not have a seat on the race track? Kylie responds,
"What you want a picture? Sherri, you're strange" :)
Pre-Race concert. sweet.
Very Patriotic
It was neat to see so many people shaking hands with these amazing soldiers and thanking them for their service to our country.
I warned you Kylie...When there are mascots? There are photos. Remember the Herbie Husker incident at the Husker football game a couple years ago? Yes. We chased him down and made him pose for a picture with us. HAHA! I totally embarrassed's nice to see that she has broken out of her shy I-don't-want-a-photo-op shell... :-)
Racer intro's - now this is the way to make an entrance!
Kylie thought this driver (whatever his name is) was cute, so I had to take a picture. HA!
Enough with the crashes already...geez...I would like to get home SOMETIME today!
Thank goodness, by the 97th lap, it started raining (and even hailing a bit), so we had an excuse to bolt early. Though it was a fun and very unique experience, I think it's safe to safe I am not a raging Nascar fan. It's a little LOUD for my taste. What? What did you say? I must admit, it made for good "people watching" :-)

One of the most touching moments from the day, was during the National Anthem. Just as the announcement was made for us all to rise, this family next to us...without hesitation...stood up. Took off their caps. Placed their hands over their hearts. Grabbed. Unfolded. And. RAISED THEIR PERSONAL FLAG PROUDLY INTO THE AIR. Gave me chills. I couldn't help but snap a few photos of this awesome moment...
It's probably tough to see it in these small pics, but if you look closely I captured the "Blue Angel" fighter jet fly-over at the cool!
Now, this is TRUE AMERICAN SPIRIT at it's best!


The race was fun, but I've gotta admit the the road trip to & from was the best part. It has been a while since Kylie and I have gotten together, we've both been so busy, but it was nice to finally be able to talk. Really talk. We had a LOT to catch up on! I am just so dang proud of her, she's amazing! Watch out World, this girl can do anything she puts her mind to! (and that includes slamming together a freaky fast sandwich in 5.2 seconds) she works at Jimmy Johns part time :-)

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