The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 10, 2010

Today's playdate & 4 month well baby visit

We had a great time this past weekend, getting together with both sides of the family on Friday and Sunday (Mother's Day was wonderful). D.S. Mom's Coffee on Saturday, followed by a Dance recital, wedding and reception. It was SOOO great catching up with a bunch of college friends at the Hope Wedding. Sadly, I did not take any pics this weekend...yes, I had my camera with me, I was just too exhausted (maybe a bit lazy) to shoot any pics - we had the girls with us & did I mention it was a Catholic wedding? Yeah, my 2 year old likes to talk a little too much, so we were out on the front porch of St. Margaret Mary's Church for 1/2 of the ceremony. You can only ask too much out of a toddler afterall :-)
I am bummed, however. I would have liked to have gotten a pic of Justin (the groom) with all his Kappa Phi college buddies...there was a great turn out of them! oh goes on...
After a long weekend of'd think perhaps we may want to lay low on Monday, being it's my day off and all...NAH! Let's go play! :-)

This morning Macy begged & begged, she wanted to play with her new buddies, Wesley & Brady.
She was relentless. How could I say no??!?
This is my Little Miss Macy (4 months) with Wesley (8 months) & Brady (2 yrs)...are they not adorable?? These 3 all share the commonality of having a little something "extra".
Macy and the boys "chattin' it up. Having a little Pow Wow. :) I think Brady was telling them about how he is going to be a big brother soon...his new baby sister's name is going to be Ivy (spelling?) sooo cuuute!
HELLO! Brady is getting soo close to being able to walk, how exciting!! Good luck little man. I just love the videos your mommy & daddy posts of you scootin' around your house! :-) They'll be chasing you around in no time!
I know what you are wondering...does this Brady boy ever stop smiling? Ummm, Nope...he appears to be a non-stop smilin' machine! His folks are pretty funny character's too, so I'd say it certainly runs in the family :-) And he is so polite too...he has mastered many baby signs and "please" is a major part of all his phrases...what a doll...I'm pretty sure he's got his folks wrapped around his finger!
McKenzie sneaking into the photo I'm trying to take of Wesley...silly girl!
Yes, McKenzie, he IS just so precious you can't help but kiss him! And he's like a "Lays Potato Chip" can't have just one :-) She kissed his little head like 5 times.
Not quite sure what he was whispering to McKenzie, but oh man, it must have been FUNNY!
This is Jessie (Wesley's mom) - she sure was getting lots of smiles out of Macy!
McKenzie had a ball playing with Wesley's older sisters...Louise and Saydie (William was at pre-school :-( ). They got along SOO well...McKenzie is looking forward to many more playdates with them :-)
Whoa, that's a lot of play-do.
Not only did the kiddos have a great is hard to put into words how NICE it is to connect with these new moms I have met through ODSPN. It is extremely comforting to learn and share our experiences, questions and concerns with each other. We are all on our own journey's full of many unknown's and it's just nice to know we are not "alone".

oh yeah...Macy had her 4-month well baby check up this evening. It went very well! She is just doing SOO great, we continue to count our blessings each and every day. Thank you Lord!!! We do NOT take a single day for granted and are just sooo thankful for her health.

Today, Macy weighed in at 12lbs 2oz. (15th percentile on the D.S. growth chart). She's 23.75 inches in length (10th percentile on D.S. growth chart). Her head measures about 15 inches or so (50%). Even though she's still a teeny little thing, she continues to grow at a very good and steady pace...she is getting bigger and bigger each and every day.


  1. I'm jealous - invite me to the next play date! All the kids are so cute - I need a baby fix - my 15 and soon to be 13yo aren't "cute" anymore - you know, baby cute. I adore them, but teenage boys vs. babies - who would you want to hang out with? That Brody looks like a ham - knows what a camera is for!

  2. Thanks for posting all those great pictures. Brady looks like such a HAM!! What a good look'n bunch of kids. We are so grateful for our extra wonderful new friends. THANKS!