The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 1, 2010

Great Grandpa Salisbury turns 84

Yesterday morning started off with a great Physical Therapy session for Macy. Penni gave us a few positioning exercises to do with Macy to help strengthen her neck and arm muscles as well as help find her little feet & encourage her to play with her hands, etc...due to her low tone, she is very "flat to the ground" when on her back.
Sister ESP must have kicked in hard core, because 10 minutes before Penni was due to arrive, McKenzie was extremely crabby, clingy, needy & irritable. NICE! This is going to be lovely I thought. but, alas, my sister Heather pulled into the driveway at the exact same time as the Physical Therapist. Heather, Dalton & Kenzie played down in the basement during our appt. THANK YOU Heather, you ROCK! :-)
Macy and I then went to the Veterans nursing home to visit Great Grandpa Salisbury.
here's a big 'ole 84th B-Day card I made for him :)
It melted my heart to see his heart melt over Macy. He was soo excited to show her off to many of his friends and nurses there at the home. Proud Grandpa indeed!
I was going to take McKenzie, but my wonderfully-sweet sister Heather offered to have her come play at her house instead. Not having a rambunctious two year along with us really allowed me and Grandpa to have a very nice conversation. Sure, it cycled a few several times, due to the fact that he has a bit of Alzheimer's, but I was SOOO glad he was talkative and excited to see us. He is looking great!
It was nice to be able to sit outside with him for a while and get some much needed fresh air.
he just wanted to keep holding her...I tell ya, babies sure are good therapy for the soul! She brought out some big Great Grandpa smiles.

in this video below, he sings Mary had a Little Lamb to Macy, so sweet!!!

hands passed down four generations...

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