The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 28, 2010

and she ROLLS!!!

Just one day shy of her 4-month birthday, Little Miss Macy showed off her skills by rolling over for Grandpa! 
YAY Macy!!  We are SOOOO Proud of you  :-)

She has "mastered" both back to front and front to back!  Okay, so she has a ways to go before achieving "master" levels, but hey, SHE DID IT.  She had previously, with a LOT of effort, flipped from her back to her front, but that dang arm would always get in her way...
Now, again with a lot of work, she is able to at least move that arm and be 100% on her she was really holding her head up well yesterday.  Not as "wobbly" as usual.  :-)
It is sooo hilarious to watch her try to flip from her tummy...her heels shoot straight up in the air as though she is attempting a hand stand...she'll have six-pack abs in no time if she keeps this up...swimsuit season, here comes Macy!!
Am I sad that I missed this "first"?  :-(  Not really.  I accepted and am at peace with the fact that I may be missing out on some of her "firsts".  One of the sacrifices that every working mom makes, it was a decision I made and I have to be ok with it.  I am, however, thrilled that my dad was there to experience and celebrate it.  Hearing his play-by-play was about as good as actually being there!

We haven't got the roll-over on video yet...but here's a clip of her telling me all about her & Grandpa's daily adventures...

Quite the can't believe everything that comes out of her mouth!

In other news, McKenzie was pretty excited to get a visit from "The Donut Fairy" this morning.  A sweet. yummy. delicious delight was hiding in her stuffed animal basket this morning.  (Silly Grandpa Lee - but don't tell Kenzie, she's convinced that the donut fairy came because she has been such a good girl lately - so much for our trend of healthy eating - oh well, what'r ya gonna do?).


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  1. Quite the story teller! I loved it - more! I want more!