The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 26, 2010

3 Babies in 3 Days Tour

I can NOT believe this baby boom! So many people having babies...makes you wonder what the heck was going on 9 months ago...hehe
Our baby tour started out by visiting Brian and Heidi's newest addition on Saturday. Meet Nathaniel, he is about 8 days old in these pics, I believe :-)
Quite the charmer isn't he? He was sleeping so peacefully my entire visit...Macy on the other hand was sort of a crabby patty :-( I think she liked him and was playing "hard to get". Plus, her tummy wasn't quite as full as she would have liked...
Here she puckers up and tries to go in for a kiss, but Nathaniel is too quick and turns his head before she could get her smooch in...maybe next time girlie :-)

The next day (Sunday) we ventured out to Lincoln to meet McKenzie & Macy's newest baby cousin Harrison Michael Masin (born to Tod, Jessica and big brother Sam).
Harrison was born 8 days prior. He decided he wanted to enter the world a little earlier than planned, at only 34 weeks old. He spent his first 9 days of life in the St. Elizabeth NICU, where the nurses and doctors took wonderful care of this new little guy. After being upgraded to a "room with a view" a couple days ago, and finally able to lose all those IV's, tubes and monitors, we just learned that he also got to go HOME today! wow, AMAZING! This teeny tiny precious baby has already been through SOO much in his short little life, but now, hopefully he can just put all of that behind him and get on with his new big adventure!
Momma getting a couple shots of her own :-) Better get used to it're just too cute not to capture as many blessed MOMENTS as possible :-)
Jessica, you LOOK amazing! We are so glad you finally got to bring your prince home today. He is SOO lucky to have such wonderful, caring parents...not to mention a pretty cool big bro in (2 yr old) Sam!
This morning, the girls and I took a two hour road trip up north to Hubbard, NE where my BFF from college, Jill, had a brand new bubbly baby girl (about 10 days ago)...
meet Isabella:
Proud big sisters (that cute curly blonde haired, blue eyed little angel is big sister MaKenna).
checkin' each other out.
Macy and Isabella chit chatin' with McKenzie the baby girls were WIDE awake and playful (and you know how RARE that can be with a 10 day old) I HAD to take a FEW more pictures...I couldn't resist, that little Isabella was just TOOO cute! :-)
"our tummies are full...our diapers are is good today"

Jill & Rob...congratulations on welcoming your precious Isabella to the world, you two make beautiful babies :-)

I was trying to get some pics of McKenzie and MaKenna...

but as you can see...(almost) 2 and (almost) 3 year old's do NOT sit still for very long...places to go, people to see.
Oh and it was SOOO funny...the girls got along really well aside from the fact that MaKenna kept telling McKenzie to "Go Away". At one point she said "Go Away Poop Monkey". McKenzie replied, "I not poop monkey, I Kenzie", you POOP!. Her little feelings were hurt, but it didn't take long for her to "talk back". way to go girl, stick up for yourself. haha :-) too funny! Sorry Jill, I had to share!
Your little Kenna is quite the "ball of energy"...what a doll!
btw - I am sad that I did not a pic of the two of us sure do look great for having given birth to a baby only 10 short days ago!

All 3 of the new mommas I visited looked great, Heidi, Jill & Jessica...congrats!!! :-)

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