The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 12, 2010

First Bonfire of the season!

On Friday night our family (and many Waterloo neighbors) gathered at my parent's house for the first BONFIRE of the season.  
It was a beautiful night!  Clear skies.  happy kids.  hot fire.  chill-axin' parents.  Farmer Brown's burgers.  Doesn't get much better than that!  
My dad (Grandpa Lee) has always been a gifted fire man.  Ironic that he is an actual "firefighter/EMT".  We've always joked that he's probably better at making fires than he is at putting them out.  :-)
Aunt Heather and Cousin Danielle cozy up by the warm fire.
Some of the "big kids"  Dani, Colton, Ty, Graci & Dylan
Earlier that day Macy met baby Jack!  My friend Angie gave birth to this precious little "John Deere tractor" man.  :-)  Here Macy is 3 & 1/2 months old & Jack is 3&1/2 weeks old  :-)
This is Angie - Isn't she adorable  :-)  I was soooo excited to be the one to encourage Angie and Jack to get venture outside for the first time (aside from well-baby doc visits).  I completely understood how Angie was feeling, I am sure she had the same sense of anxiety about leaving the house for the first time as I did.  I recall being so nervous when McKenzie was a baby.  Such a strange surreal feeling it is to venture out with a teeny newborn.  We went to "Harbour Farm Chick Market" a very very cute boutique, both Jack and Angie did fine  :-)
Congrats Angie, Jack is soooo beautiful!!!

Saturday was a busy day...I went to D.S. Supermom's coffee in the morning, went to my college friend, Heather's, wedding shower, then headed into Fremont to attend a benefit supper for a sweet precious little baby girl (who was born a few days prior to Macy).  Sweet Lydia Joy Winne just got home from being in the the NICU for the first 3 months of her life.   She still has a rough road ahead and she along with her parents can certainly use ALL the prayers they can get!  Joe and Ja went to high school with Lydia's mother katie...
Our niece Ashlynn received her first Holy Communion Sunday morning.  Way to go Ash!  We are all very proud of  you as you walk in faith with our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Afterwards we headed over to her house for brunch.  It was such a nice day we spent the majority of the time soaking up the sunshine...and playing in the mud!  (the little ones were anyway)
McKenzie LOVED holding Ash & Autumn's new pets  (this is Snickers - she's a Guinea Pig).
This is uncle Ja with Snickers' sister "Midnight".
Macy wanted me to take a picture and show off her new kicks (socks)  :-)
Aunt Gayle drove back (in her fancy little red sports car convertible - she was excited to finally be able to put the top down) from Colorado to attend her god-daughter's first holy communion and to of course get in a little "kid therapy".  He nieces and nephews are always thrilled when she comes to town!
"Gayle and her Girlies"
McKenzie spent the morning playing with cousin Mason & Aunt Shelly as Macy and I went to Lincoln to spend some time with Aunt Jessica.  She is officially on bed rest for at least 3 weeks.  Poor dear.  Her cervix is a little thinner than doc would like, he would like to see her at least make it to 36 weeks before "baby Masin" graces us with his/her presence.  She is doing well, as well as can be expected.  It would be sooo hard to have to "take it easy" with a toddler running around oh and Spring's sunshine teasing her through her many windows.  She knows it will ALL be worth it in the end...Please hold Jess & baby high up in  your prayers!  
 Now I am going to wake up Macy & McKenzie, they are going to cheer me on at Volleyball tonight...I just hope I do not run into my "friend"...he better not attempt to keep my girls "in-line". re: my "still fuming" blog post from last week. 

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