The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 18, 2010

The View I Love the Most

Listening to the iPod on the flight in,

a couple songs tugged at my emotions..."My Front Porch Looking In" & "Let them be Little", both by Lonestar. These songs made me sad that I was leaving my beauties for 3 whole days & nights :(

The resort we are staying at in Phoenix is fabulous. Beautiful rooms, 90 degree temps, palm trees, waterfalls & fountains a plenty, huge water park (complete with lazy river, water slides & motion ocean), stunning panaramic views of prestine mountains wrap the resort, oh and did I mention palm trees? Lot's of fun people watching too :) What more could you ask for right?
As I sit here in the cozy poolside chair,

relaxing and enjoying the peace while Joe's at a conference, I am sincerely trying to "getaway"...but I still cannot help but think about my home, my babies. Oh how I miss them already & it's only been 24 hours.
Listen to this awesome song by Lonestar, it sure does make you see what beautiful is about...

Sure we do not have palm trees, mountains or even 90 degree weather (yet) in Elkhorn, NE...but nothing beats the views & takes my breath away like our "front porch looking in!"! ;-)

Every time someone (who does not really know me ) asks me how old my girls are, I tell them 2&1/2 yrs 3&1/2 mos. A big sense of guilt immediately sets in. They ask if I miss them. Duh. I can see through them, I can tell they are thinking "what the heck are you doing here" or "how could you leave them so soon?". I can't help it, I think it's a mother thing to feel this way. They have been real nice and have been asking general questions about them, but I haven't been brave enough to tell some of the people (the ones who do not really know me) about the fact that my sweet 3 month old has Down Syndrome. I would not be able to handle their response...the thought I am certain they are thinking "how, especially, could you leave Macy for 3 whole days"?? Not that I care what other people think (I SO do not - at least new Sherri does not) As I think about it and have rationalized our reason for wanting this little's how I see it. These last three months have been such a journey full of emotional ups & downs, for that reason and that reason alone, I feel that we need this. Macy & McKenzie deserve this. They deserve to have refreshed and reconnected parents. Parents, whom upon their return are going to have MORE love in their hearts for them than before (if that's even possible).
Well, I best be going. Gotta go in and get ready to go to my first NBA game...GO SUNS!!! :)

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