The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 8, 2010

Macy goes to the Movies!

As you can imagine I do not get many opportunities to take in a motion picture at the local movie plex, because, well:  Toddler + dark theater full of strangers + 2 hours  = well you do the math.  This combination does not equal success.
Well, since Joy & Sarah invited McKenzie over for a sleepover and Joe had Poker night with some buddies, I decided I AM TAKING MACY TO A MOVIE!!!
I was willing to go alone, just me & Macy.  But I decided to extend the invite to my sisters as well.  Keri and her daughter Erika were up for a movie date.  yippee.
Here are my dates.  We headed out to Village Pointe to see the "chick flick" The Last Song.  9 bucks?!?  Are you kidding me?   Obviously I don't get out much...this had better be worth it by-golly.
This is my beautiful niece Erika...what a doll!!!  I just LOVE her  :-)
Macy doing a silly, serious face with me and aunt Keri.
As you can clearly see, Macy roarin' and ready to go.  She is thrilled to go on her first movie adventure!
Macy fell asleep before the previews were through.  I suppose this is why they do not charge admission for babies  :-)
btw - the opening sequence requires viewers to turn off cell phones, but it says nothing about flash photography.  ha!  Sorry fellow movie-goers but there are no federal laws being broken here  :-)   so deal!  
It was so absolutely AWESOME to have Macy there with us.  It made the movie-going experience all the more enjoyable.  We passed her back and forth between the 3 of us several times.  We all wanted to share in the cuddles.  She was a trooper and did not mind at all.  I was selfishly excited when Erika told me that Macy was still hungry after finishing off the bottle I had packed for her.  I guess this means I just have to nurse her.  I cherished every moment of holding her in my arms, her tiny hand resting upon my chest, and right there in that dark movie theater, bonding, so comfortably, with my baby girl.  Providing her with the much needed nourishment she required.  I was the only person in the WHOLE world who can provide her with this type of nutrition.  I'm her mom, it's my privilege...Peaceful I tell ya.  Peaceful!  I saw my sister out of the corner of my eye getting teary eyed and emotional somewhat sharing in this peaceful "moment" with Macy and I.  She too was a "nursing momma" so I am sure she vividly recalls the sense of warm serenity that this type of mother/baby bonding provides.

As you probably know, this movie is quite a tear-jerker.  I knew this going in.  I enjoy having a good cry.  I find it strangely refreshing to "get a good cry out" every once in a while.  :-)  Plus, it was actually really really nice to be crying about something that does not at all relate to me, my family or our current roller-coaster ride that is our life.  Don't get me wrong, it is not as though I cry a lot.  In fact, I can go several days now without some sort of sad thought passing through my mind about the scary unknowns relating to my beautiful angels diagnosis with Down Syndrome - it is the long term thinking that gets me shaken up.  There are moments we need to just take off the "rose-colored" glasses and stop with the "fake it 'till you make it" fa-cad.  I feel Joe and I are getting stronger and less emotional about it each and every day...we are lucky to have such an amazing support system!  We are lucky to have such an amazing daughter!   :-)
 Macy spotted this Shrek poster and begged her Aunt Keri to bring her back to the theater in a few weeks when this movie is released.  Something tells me Keri will make sure this happens!  That girls' got us all wrapped around her little finger  :-)

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