The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 4, 2010

"Lee" family Easter (Woodcliff)

This was Macy's first visit to our family cabin out at the lake.  Woodcliff is about 30 minutes from our house in Elkhorn.  It is always so nice to get out there after a long winter.  It is still kind of rough, the grass is brown, the water is low, beaches are not "drug", no boats in the boat docks, trees bare.  But.  Still, there is a strong sense of LIFE and beautiful nature in early Spring.   Ahh, the smell of FRESH air!

McKenzie has been looking forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny for a couple weeks now  :-)  But...when she finally got the chance to meet said Bunny at the annual Woodcliff Easter Egg "hunt", she was apparently "too good" for him.  I asked her if she wanted to sit on his lap and she replied with a very disgruntled look on her face "I NO touch him"...she gladly took the bag of candy from him however.  I do sort of understand where she is coming from though.  That large, full sized Easter Bunny is pretty creepy, I must say.  Even Little Miss Macy was skeptical.  But at least she played along, for photop's sake  :-)mommy are you seriously going to just stand there and laugh at me...can we just get this over with already?
Mommy are you seriously going to just stand there laughing at me?  Can we just get this over with already??
It is really freaky to look in his eyes, you see another set of eyes inside of his eyes.  There is something very wrong about that!
I was able to get a few more pics of some of the cousins, however, McKenzie (and daddy) were itchin' to get out of there.  LOTS of people!  Let's just go claim our prize and high tail it outta here  :-)
cousin Mason
The Witt kids - Dylan, Danielle & Dalton
Danielle, that bunny is bigger than you!
This is sweet.  Dalton looks GENUINELY excited to claim his prize  :-)
yep, see the expressions on their faces..."let's get outta here already"
So we walked home to the cabin (Cousin Erika helping Kenzie out)
Impromptu pose next to the "Cedar Lane" sign.  WHY? you ask...WHY NOT I say  :-)
McKenzie longs for warmer days soon to be.  running around in a swimsuit from sunrise to sunset.  Not too long from now that will be our "weekend reality" least when we are able to escape out there.  Lot's of weddings and such this summer.  Unfortunately & fortunately  :-)
Swingin' on the tree swing...not sure if life get's much better than this.  That is until we make her "pump her own legs for goodness sake"  LOL
Cousins Anna & Danielle
It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it!  sand, dirt, messy hair, runny noses, watery eyes, muddy shoes, fishy lake water, sun & wind blown skin.  These are all "spa treatments" to young boys.
Chattin' it up lake side.
so sweet.  I just love how my whole family (aunt Heather shown above) loves little miss Macy as much as we do!  Is that not evident in this photo?
And this photo  (Great Grandpa Salisbury making silly faces at her)
And this photo?  Aunt Mary's turn...except this time it's Macy making the silly faces.
This is my cousin Renae...I commented about her in my previous blog.  We had lots & lots of fun times when we were little, sleepovers, playing dress-up, are kiddos get to have fun!
Here, Mom & Mary were arguing over who got to hold Macy next (seriously ladies, learn to share).  So they you can see they each get a knee  :-)  haha, too funny!
Okay.  Now on the real reason we are here.  Let the Easter Egg Hunt begin!  Wow, this looks challenging.  Way to go Easter Bunny.
Anna is kicking butt!  It helped that the little ones got a bit of a head start.  It didn't take Brook long to catch up!
"Look at all my eggs mommy"  "we open them and I eat them all now mommy"  yes, yes okay, whatever you say dear!  Never mind the huge Turkey feast we are about to have.  I had to give in, we are going on NO NAP, and unfortunately if I did not allow her to get her way, it would not have been as much of a peaceful evening for everyone.  As parents we must learn to "pick our battles"'s Easter, so she will not be living by the "5-4-3-2-1 Go!" philosophy this day.  big whoop.  (Live Well Omaha Kids is our client, had to throw that tidbit in there :-)
so nice of her to share with Great Grandpa!

This was our attempt at getting a good "cousins" picture (minus Macy).
Not exactly sure why McKenzie felt the need to walk up and dance in front of the group?  Sorry to the 9 other mommies taking pictures, I apologize for my little diva.  :-(
Oh dear.  yes.  I'm afraid this IS what it looks like.  Kenzie is "shaking her bootie"   again.  SORRY!
Grandpa Lee breaks out the sixlets.

There were only a few casualties and one black eye.  jk
I Love this man.  He is the BEST Dad and Grandpa in the WHOLE world!
I love my family!  It is so comforting to be in their presence.  We can all just relax & be ourselves. I truly enjoy our conversations, we are all just "real". And for that I am grateful.  I look forward to celebrating Easter with Joe's side of the family tomorrow.  Again, I really love being with them as well.  It is soo comfortable and non-stressful.  I appreciate the laid back feel (accompanied by a teeny bit of kiddo craziness) that both of our families embrace  :-)

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