The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 29, 2010

Macy is 3 months old!

Our little Miss Macy is 3 whole months old already!  :-)
McKenzie helped me snap a few photos to commemorate the big milestone day...

It was so cute when McKenzie said "WAIT, just a minute!"  She had to go grab her little camera out of her toy box.  awesome!
Today we celebrated Macy's big day by going to "Mommy & Me", then we went into Waterloo to hang out with the "country cousin" Cooke kids...ridin' around on Brook's John Deere tractor, fun fun  :-)  What a gorgeous day it turned out to be...We finished out the evening with a couple doc appointments.  Had to have McKenzie's skin condition checked out again.  Dr. Keller gave her a new steroid cream and oral antibiotic to treat her dermatitis/staph infection.  It was sweet, McKenzie asked Dr. Keller to take her itchies away...after the appointment McKenzie told us that she was ALL better now.  MAGIC!  :-)
We also discussed (once again) Macy's strange squeek that she does when she is sleeping/resting.  He recommended we go visit an E.N.T. doc to take a closer look at what is happening down her little throat.  floppy airways or trachael malachia is typical among Children with Down Syndrome.  This is certainly not anything that we are overly worried about, she will probably just outgrow this, however it will give us some added piece of mind to have someone look into it a bit further.  Better safe than sorry. 

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