The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 19, 2010

60 degrees & a Sleepover!!

I couldn't wait to get home! The clock struck 4:59, I couldn't bolt out of the office fast enough...time to get home and play in the 60 degree 12 minute west-bound trek down Dodge Street felt like an eternity. hurry, hurry, I've gotta make it home before the sun goes down!
It was so exciting driving through the neighborhood (with the windows down). Kids riding bikes. dogs walking on leases. garage doors open. Lemonade stands. yes there were 2 on our little street alone! Ah the sights and sounds of Spring. JOY.
I was even more excited pulling up to the house and finding Grandma, Grandpa & Macy sitting on the front porch waiting for me! So incredibly heart-warming.
McKenzie invited her friend Sarah over to play and sleepover.

Little Miss Macy's first breath of fresh Nebraska air. Seriously. EVER!
Can they be any sweeter. If these pictures had audio, you would hear Sarah telling McKenzie "be gentle, she a little baby".
Unfortunately, we had to go inside and eat dinner. Reality bites. We took a quick trip to cousin Anna's house. Home, bath, 2 book, in bed by 8:45. Success!
If it weren't for Sarah bringing her own blankie, I don't know if I'd be able to tell these sleeping beauties apart.
who do I hear giggling and dancing down the hallway? BUSTED! GOOD MORNING!
So apparently "Let's go in your room and get dressed" translates to "let's close the door and jump/dance on the bed" in toddler language. oh okay.
Fun times

Sidebar note: We ran into several neighbors who were out walking past the house. Most of which lived across the neighborhood, of whom we have not seen all winter. They saw me holding Macy, and pointed out the obvious "you had you baby?!" :-) They were so sweet, wanted to see her, asked how she was doing and how old she is, etc. You know all the basic "let me see your new baby" questions. The whole time we were talking, I couldn't help but wonder in the back of my mind...did they know? Could they tell? Should I say something? Should I not? So I didn't because I really did not think it was necessary, plus the conversations did not seem to have an appropriate segway into the topic of Macy having Down Syndrome. It didn't matter. What's important is that they were able to meet her and just know that the Harnisches have a beautiful new addition to their family of which they are going to see MUCH MUCH more of. We like to take lots of long walks :-)

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