The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 5, 2010

a new blog to follow

Ever since Macy was born I have found a new hobby. I used to read books - now I read blogs. It has been, not only entertaining, but therapeutic to read up and follow other mommy adventures (I use the term loosely). I honestly never thought I would be a "mommy-blogger"! But here I am...
I have a few close friends who keep a family blog (I wish a few more of my besties would jump on the blog band-wagon - no pressure Bootie, tehe). I especially enjoy reading the blogs from other moms right here in the Omaha area who also have a baby or toddler with Down Syndrome. I have found much comfort sharing in their joys and learning of their challenges. There are many that come along with this new journey of raising a child with DS. I already feel as though I have known them forever because of their amazing blogs (Casie, Shannon, Jamie, Steph, etc), but look forward to more meaningful connections with them, in PERSON! Like at mom's coffees, or this weekends, Parent's Night Out event, etc... I also follow a couple other blogs from mom's around the country. I just really "connect" with and understand their thoughts, words & pictures.

Anyway, back to the reason for this particular blog post. As of last night, I am following a new baby blog:
Yes, this is Jim & Pam from "The Office." They gave birth to their baby girl during last night's special 1-hour episode. YES, I do realize this is all fictitious...but I think I might still "follow" and keep up on their life at home with their new babe via their blog, just because. HAHAHAHA WEIRD, I KNOW. But I think it could provide a bit of comic-relief. :-) Plus, I love the Office!

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