The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 24, 2010


I'm on a quick road trip out of state for a work meeting...what better way to pass the time than write a little blog posting! :-). No, I'm not driving...just a passenger...

Thought I'd share some thoughts from yesterday...
As I was sitting in the North conference room yesterday I had a sudden sense of “loneliness” set in. But. I was not alone. In fact, there were about 15 other people (AE’s, Creative/Art Directors, Writers, producers, proofreaders, etc) in the room with me for our weekly ETMC Status meeting. You see, this was the first status mtg I have attended since Macy was born. It was a surreal emptiness that is difficult to describe. I was actually kind of sad. I was getting used to this little person kicking and gurgling in my tummy. She kept me entertained during long boring meetings such as these (no offense Sean :-). I remember wondering if other people were finding her as distracting as I did. I mean, how could they NOT notice this other, uninvited PERSON in the room who just happened to be doing backflips?!? I sat there yesterday with my hands resting on the top of my “1/4 the size it used to be” belly, thinking about how much I missed the random foot jabbing into my rib cage or the teeny hand giving me a high five, even those funky hiccups that made my belly bounce. Can’t believe I actually miss that :-) But I do! Oh, how I do miss those magical love taps on my heart that sent chills through my spine and pierced my soul.
How surreal it is to think about how this, now very much ALIVE, 10 pound person (my beautiful little Miss Macy) was growing inside of me just a few short months ago. The miracle of life is a beautiful and wondrous thing! It is amazing how all the stars seem to align to create this perfect being. Macy = perfection! She is above and beyond perfection, she is actually extraordinary, with that extra chromosome and all. :)
I miss having my friend Macy at work with me...
As I sit here in the car, now on my way home from Des Moines, I am filled with anxiety and anticipation to get home and hug my girlies. Mike, step on it! :-)

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  1. I remember that feeling after I had Kayin. Our family not only grew but we also relocated, started new jobs and had to "give up" Harper (our black lab) for a year while we looked for a home in Lincoln. That summer after she was born I missed having her elbow jab me in the ribs, getting heartburn after eating something spices, seeing a body part travel to a new spot, the list could go on and on! She will be three a month from yesterday and oh how I long to have another sweet baby!