The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 13, 2010

Mom's Coffee

I never would have imagined that being a part of this "club" would have such a therapeutic impact on me. Ever since little Miss Macy was born I have craved interaction with other mom's who share this same bond. I have also yearned to meet babies and little ones who have Down Syndrome. It has been wonderful sharing stories with these fabulous women. All of them have amazing and positive outlooks on life. The most important thing I take away from them is to simply continue to take one step at a time, enjoy each day to the fullest and just know that there are many many people and resources available to help get us through when we need some extra guidance. Most importantly, it is just refreshing to know that we are not alone! We all have one very important thing in common, we ALL love our kiddos very very much and only want what is best for each and every one of them.We share educational information with each other, but mostly we just chat and laugh.
The new "gang"...Macy, Tessa & Wesley!

Steph holding Macy. She has a little "rockstar" named Jaggar who also has DS.
This is Jessie and her cutie-pa-tootie Wesley. He is 6 months old :-)
Macy and her new friend (4 week old) Tessa.
Tessa loves her does Macy! What a godsend that cuddly snugglie is :-)
Jen is sharing a lot of very useful information that she learned at a recent DS convention.
Casie (who has 10 month Vollen) and Megan.
Above is Casie, Megan and Jamie. I was introduced to all of these women due to the fact that we all have babies with Downs Syndrome...but I truly feel that if I had met them under any other circumstances we would have been friends anyway. We just all really seem to "mesh well" together and actually have a lot in common. I am so glad to be able to call them my friends! Check out that adorable expression!
ha! That's me :-) hi
behind me is Elizabeth, Traci, Buffy & Jessie

With it being the peak of basketball season, Joe and I got an itch to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, so we packed up the girlies and headed up Maple street to the nearest BW3's to take in some college b-ball action in the sports bar atmosphere. Just like the good ole' days right? hmmm. not so much. I now remember why we do not venture out to venues like this (for no good reason) just for fun. hmmm. cuz maybe it's not so fun when all your 2 year old wants to do is "boing" all around. I mean how annoying is that? tehe

okay this was way too funny not to share...this morning McKenzie grabbed her t-shirt (near her upper tummy with her fingers, pulled it outward and said, "look mommy, I got mountains". OH GIRL! you crack me up :-)


  1. Oh man! That Wesley is adorable!!! And is Macy wearing a tutu already?! Love it!

  2. Good picts! Glad I am not the only one always taking the pictuers!!! Good to see you today and thank you again for dropping off my water! : ) We will see you real soon!

  3. So glad you have a "group" that understands what feelings you may be having and to help you along the way with things you may never have thought of. I belong to 2 different groups (i am sure you know what kind) and I would not be where I am without either one of them. The girls that I have met, have become my lifetime friends. So happy to see you smiling!

  4. I found your blog through Kelle's CNN "comment section"... I had commented like last week on CNN! Your baby is BEAUTTTTTTTTTTTTTIFUL!!!!!! What a lucky baby to have a mom so lucky and gorgeous as you are. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us :)