The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 12, 2010

Meeting Baby Tessa

This afternoon McKenzie, Macy and I had the pleasure of meeting sweet little Tessa.  She's 4 weeks old and is absolutely adorable!!  She and Macy have quite a bit in common as Tessa is also in the "extra chromosome" club.  What a beautiful precious baby from the Lord above.  He certainly has special things in store for both of these angels!
Awww, how sweet!
I think these two (three) girls are going to be great friends!!!  How exciting for all of us!  :-)
It looks like McKenzie and Macy are having a little conversation here.  Macy doing most of the talking.
Check out her precious socks and that adorable hat with the ribbon...what a little diva!
Baby Tessa just sleepin' through all the commotion...what a good baby!
Hey Now, be nice!  We've gotta keep a close eye on that girl.
I can not help but feel as though Tessa looks just like Macy did just a few short weeks ago!  It felt surreal holding her  :-)  I wish I would have been able to get a few "open eyed" shots, but she is still sleeping the majority of the time.  
Tessa is lucky to have a wonderful mommy & daddy.  She also has two big brothers (Jacob is 4 & Max is 2).  Here is her mom, Megan, holding our little Miss Macy  :-) 
Macy sure was interested in everything she had to say...
How big are you?  SOOO BIIIG!
Tessa's brother Max finally arose from his long nap.  What a handsome dude he is!  After playing shy for a while, he and McKenzie were really starting to hit it off.  Can't wait to get together again!  It was so nice chatting with Megan about our recent experiences and feelings.  It is difficult to explain the instant connection I felt with her, as well as with a few of the other DS mom's I have had the good fortune of meeting recently.  Macy and Tessa are going to meet up again tomorrow morning at Mom's Coffee  (DS Supermom's group).  I am very much looking forward to more quality time with this amazing bunch of young ladies  :-)  We also want to get our husbands together soon as well!
This morning Macy had the nice gals from EPS Early Intervention over.   
Here is a photo from the visit.  They continue to be extremely pleased with her gross motor skills and attentiveness.  Which is soo encouraging.  They gave us a few small things to do to help with her the low tone in her arms & legs.  
Well...I just got home from the St. Pat's Fish Fry here in Elkhorn.  'Tis the season right??  I Went with a group of co-workers.  good times, good times...Oh MAN am I full!  Time to turn in  :-)

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